So... Much... Going... On

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this thing, I’ve been fairly busy. April 24th came and went, it’s still hard to believe it’s been nine years since they died. I was just thinking about Justin the other day, wondering what he would think about me right now. My mother says I have this smile, that reminds her so much of him, that it’s obvious I’m his sister. The people on the news have been getting people riled up about this swine flu thing, honestly, it’s not a reason to freak out. I think you should only be worried if you get it, it’s just another reason to be cautious. Which is why my mother has “quarantined” me at home because of well, you know, the compromised immune system and all that jazz. But yes. My new pump, I love it. I can’t believe I didn’t want a Minimed before. It’s blue, like a shiny new car, and just gorgeous for a medical device. So far, I’ve had heaps of lows, two highs over 300, and the rest mostly in range, since going on it on the 20th.

I get to go put the CGM part of it on pretty soon, and I’m excited about that. Oh! I found three infusion sets I can no longer use, so I’m forcing my mother to wear one and possibly two other family members. I might also go find some saline and use my old pump to give them a “bolus”. I’m excited about it because well, of course, they get to know what it feels like, but also because I get to give them a shot for a change. sigh I have a cold right now that just won’t go away, it’s annoying. I feel it getting into my chest though, so let’s hope Mucinex will work. OH THANK GOD WE FOUND IT. It took ten minutes to find a non cough, chest congestion medication that I could take without it jacking my sugars up into the 300’s. You’d think that with all the advancements in medicine that there would be more over the counter cold medicines a diabetic can take other than Benadryl(which only works a little). I haven’t had a fever so I’m thankful for that, so I’m not too worried about the Swine Flu. Anyway, that’s about it for now dears.