SO much more

The Free Diabetics Movement is introducing one person a day – Today it is Eden.

Eden is SO MUCH MORE than “just” a Type 1 Diabetic…

Her disease does NOT define her, nor make her any less capable of living her life to the fullest.

From the outside she looks completely healthy and carefree – which most days she is.

What people don’t see is the 365/24/7 battle she fights against her own body

She is an Athlete, Thrill Seeker, Sister, Daughter and Advocate.

She is a Goofball, Fearless, Strong and Brave.

She is SO MUCH more than a Type 1 Diabetic.

She can be all of these things AND be a Type 1 Diabetic.

But she also deserves to be FREE …


not needing to live with the burdens

that this disease places on her life.

She needs a CURE -

the entire T1D community needs a cure

If you haven’t checked out the Free Diabetics Movement

you need to…

It started with this

I support it whole heartedly and you should too…



Indeed she is! Sweet Girl! :)