So, my educator is both lying and not up to snuff?

I am having a ton of trouble with the one set of sure-t adhesive for my pump. I love the way the sure-t sets work, but the connector adhesive keeps coming off and refuses to restick. This is the third set that this has happened with, so I figure it’s not going to work for me. I’m not going to putz around with this and a ton of IV3000. Seriously.

So, I made a call to Edgepark, because they’re who my insurance contracts with to provide supplies. I told them I wanted to try a new type of infusion set and I picked the inset. First, I have to return the 3 unopened boxes of sure-t ones, because they can’t take opened boxes back. Ok, fine. I can get behind that. BUT, the woman has the nerve to say to me “well, you should try taping the one that you have down. that’ll work. Didn’t your educator teach you anything?”

Umm…I’ve got tape on it everywhere but where you disconnect it so you can take a shower! What the…

Then, she continued on: “You need to get some samples of tubing from your educator instead of bothering us every time you want to change types.”

What? I’ve had the pump a week! Plus, my educator said she didn’t have samples really…I brought my own infusion sets and resivoirs to get started.
So, I tell the woman this, and she has the extreme nerve to say:

“She’s lying. She’s got tubing all over the place! If she tells you she doesn’t, she’s full of it.”


So, then I told her again-I don’t know if she has any,and if she did, she’d probably offer me different types,because she’s so nice and wonderful that she gives me samples of things and all of that. To this, she said:

“well, if she doesn’t have samples, she’s not worth anything as an educator.”

again-EXCUSE ME???

Let me say, my educator bends over backwards for me and makes sure that I’m ok. She even took time out of her night on Thanksgiving to check on me with my brand new pump! She treats her patients like family. I don’t get how someone who doesn’t even know her has the right to say these things.

So, I told the evil woman at edgepark I would call back, and I hung up. I went and cooled off…and then called back to talk to a supervisor. I could NOT let this slide. If she’s this rude to me, I wasn’t going to let her get away with it so she could be obnoxious to someone else.

I got a supervisor who was completely appaled. She heard what this evil person had said and her jaw hit the floor. She could NOT believe what she was hearing. Her line:

“WHOAH! You’re kidding, right? She’s gone for the day, but on Monday when she comes back in, she will be dealt with. You do NOT ever talk to a customer like this and she knows it.”

The kicker in all of this was that the evil one had shipped out my insets no charge with a return label after I hung up on her. I think she was trying to prevent me from making the phone call to her supervisor for her disgusting behavior.

argh. I sure hope she gets taken care of, and not just a slap on the wrist…because if she did it to me, she’s doing it to other people and they’re just not saying anything.

Try some Mastisol, or gorilla gooo as it has been called. It have worked great for me and does not irritated the skin. It can be used on the skin w/IV3000 on top and on he IV3000 under the infusion adhesive.

You know Holly, this is the second Edgepark stupid maneuver since the pump journey started. The first time, after all of the ordering was done, I got an appointment with my educator and I told them that this is when the appointment was, because they promised the pump, and my rep never put in the order until it was too late to ship for when I needed it. Until I started freaking out on them, they weren’t going to do anything about it. The ended up overnighting the pump, and I sat home stalking the UPS guy. At first they weren’t going to send the infusion sets and resivoirs, because obviously, my educator has TONS of samples…

This experience was just the icing on the cake with them. when my husband needed to use them, they were just as entertaining. I think I’m gong to do what you did…I don’t think I can go with round 3 of fighting them!

Edgepark is AWFUL. I am having to go through them to get my CGM. My rep NEVER called me…after 3 months…no contact. The only reason I knew who to contact was because Dexcom called me to check on the status of my order. They gave me the name and number of the Edgepark representative who was supposed to have already called me. I called her and had to leave a message…she never called me back…big suprise. I ended up talking to someone in customer service who helped me…