So scared for the first time for my husband

Yesterday morning, he awoke after having 9 hours of sleep. He started the laundry, the housecleaning while I slept after doing the night shift. I woke up at 11:30 to get ready to go and do some yard work for this old couple in their 80’s, my husband went with me so that he could do the limb cutting with the trees.

This was about 2 years since the last time anyone took care of the yard. When we do the yards we only do grass cutting. But Sunday afternoon, we did alot of work under the sun…big mistake. I was tolerating the sun, and working as much as I could because the brush pick up would be on Monday, the next day.

I noticed my husband wasn’t around, and than he called me on my cell and said that he was getting real sick. The couple’s yard is real huge so I ran to him and there he was throwing up on the side of the house. Told him to settle down and that I would finish up the work which I had about 20 mins left to do. When I was finished, I loaded him up in the suburban and we headed home.

We called the clinic to say that my husband’s blood sugar wasn’t reading on the meter, just saying HI. The nurse said for him to go to the hospital. When we got there, his blood sugar was 590 and his blood pressure was too high. They got him to the back and started monitoring him and giving him 4 bags of IV and insulin. He was too dehydrated that the muscles started cramping so hard all over his body. They gave him an injection for it, he started to relax more and the cramping went away. The muscles were sore from all the cramping. That night they released him with his blood sugar at 350. Got him in bed to rest.

This morning, I had to do a cleaning at 10am, by 11:30 my husband calls to say that his blood sugar is 584 and for me to call his doctor. When I finished at 12, I went straight home and all the time driving home I had my cell on speaker to reach a nurse no one answered. Got home, got him ready and we went straight to the hospital. His blood sugar was 655, his blood pressure is too high again. We get to the back, AGAIN. That was 12:30pm.

At this point, I’m starting to get scared. My heart has always been with him, he’s my children’s stepdad…but to them he is there Dad. To me, he’s my hero. When least expected, he’ll show up to rescue me all the time. We have this love that alot of people have been trying to break up. At the end, we hold on stronger.

Sometimes, he’ll sacrifice something to make sure that me, the kids,and the grandkids have what we need. I in turn, I work on the cleaning business as my second job to see that everything gets balanced out. I pray that he gets better, we have so much to do and so much to love for each other.

I don’t want to wake up without my hero. Without him, it would be like draining me out of my life. He has made me a better person. A better person to love others. We been together 9 years and it’s not going to stop at 10, it’s going to last a lifetime. This Diabetes will not take my husband, it just won’t.

Please, I pray to God. Let me have more time with my husband, he is a miracle in my life. By 6:30pm, the doctor came in and that he needed to be admitted. My husband, Jboy, tells me to go home and get some stuff and do what I have to do at home. I tell him that I don’t want to leave. He tells me, it’ll be alright.

On my way home, I’m worried sick and crying because with high blood pressure of 190 over 160 that’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

At home now, had the urge to write my feelings down. Scared is the most I’m feeling right now. These grandkids need their popo to teach them some country living, give some old fashion love to them, take them outside to water the grass with him, take some pictures at some graduations, and all that life has to offer.

For me, just to still be my husband to the day I die. I love this man with everything of me. My blood and heart is his, my love is his forever. So scared to lose my Jboy. Tears for now.

Oh no Patti! :frowning: Glad you came here to share and get your feelings out. It’s so hard to see someone you love so much, like this. He sounds wonderful and your love for him is inspiring! Try to think good thoughts, keep that fighter spirit of yours! I will be sending lots of positive energy your way. :slight_smile:

So sorry to hear of your worry about your wonderful husband.

If this brings you any comfort, I was admitted with 809 BG & near comatose. Was in & out of consiousness for 24 hours. Have no idea what my blood pressure was, but it was very high because I was on a heart monitor & an automatic blood pressure cuff that took BP every 20 minutes. Don’t remember much, but nurses were hovering about constantly.

My husband was out of his mind that I was dying & scared witless. Point is that I’m fine now. Your beloved is in good hands & hospital staff know exactly how to treat him.

Sending good thoughts to both of you.

Your Husband sounds like a Terrific Guy. I’m Glad that you two have a Wonderful, supportive relationship. Good healing vibes, my thoughts and prayers are for him during his time of hardship. I hope that he can kiss away your tears Very soon.

You and your husband are in my thoughts today.

Is your husband on insulin or an insulin pump? My sugars were almost always 500 and above on the pills. Once I switched to insulin my high 600+ was trigger by a tablespoon of ketshup so I went to an insulin pump. Now my AC1 is 8.8 and my sugars are in the 200 and 300 range. This does not sound good to most but for me it is a big improvement. Good luck with your hero we will pray he gets the help he needs to get well.

I’m sorry that you are going through this. Keeping you and your husband in my prayers. Hang in there.

To all my friends, I had left the hospital, his bs was 366 but his bp is still high. The reason for the highs is that he has an abcest on his tooth that is broken. It is infected so they have given him a second round of antibiotics. I didn’t have my laptop last night while I had spent the night. I couldn’t sleep till 3 am, was just watching him.

Just watching him, making sure he was still alive. While I was reading my email from Leticia, my husband called to say that they are releasing him under strict conditions. So he said do what I got to do and go by there to get him because they were still doing some stuff.

Thank you for your prayers, and for my tears they are still coming on strong. This man, he has done so much for me and my family and for those in need. His absence in this family is showing some strain on the gkids, they keep asking for their grandpa.

Being so blessed, I guess that’s why I have the light to shine on others. That light is my husband.

I’m going to pick him up, just wanted to share the good news. Patti

Oh Patti ((((((hugs))))))) I understand 110% Hope he feels well again soon and you can all be together, it’s terribly scary when someone you love so much is so poorly. x x x

We are with you, amiga!

Patti, so sorry to hear about your husband. You all are in my prayers!


I hope you feel the strength of so many hopeful thoughts of all of us here going out to you and your beloved husband.

Hope all goes well, I have a prayer out for you. I hope he is doing better.


i read your husband is home now and I am so thankful. Hang in there, he and you are in our hearts.

rick phillips

you and your husband will be together for a long time just make sure he eats very little and i mean maybe 1bite hear 2 bite’s there every meal very low carbs he will hate it at first but after he will relieze he didn’t really need all that food he’ll live a very long time my sugars are always in the high’s now i;m not really eating any more but in the long run it;s worth it kerri

Patti, Jboy and you are in my constant prayers! Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

Thank you for telling your story… Every day is a gift to us.

lots of hugs and prayers for you and your family