So the question is...How did the DKA come about?

Hmm…How did the DKA happen? Basically I decided that my diabetes did not matter. I have 2 children. A husband who owns his own business. We own an apartment building. I am very overwhelmed and depressed. I come last in every task and list. So I guess subconsciously or maybe consciously I decided that I did not need to check my numbers. I was eating the wrong things, drinking a lot of beer, and guessing at my numbers. Stress was and is a major factor of my diabetes.

After the stay in the hospital I sat down with the book diabetes burnout and have been trying to figure out where to start. More to come on that. Right now I am trying to reign in my responsibilities. Make my husband more responsible with the kids. AND take the time I need for me. It is a slow process. I will keep posting as I reach mile markers!


Good for you, starting on that book. I also need to finish reading it because I’m certainly in some level of burnout. I remember a counselor telling me many years ago that I should take care of myself first so that I’m able to take care of others better. Kind of like putting your oxygen mask on in the plane before putting one on your children.

Maybe set yourself a goal that’s a little bit of work. Like good blood sugars on Monday and go from there. I hope you can find a good balance that lets you do this.