So tired!

So totally knackered from this weekend! Yesterday I drove 350km, which takes about 3.5 hours at highway speed. Only got to rest for a very short time and then I had to pack everything I was going to bring, and put it in the trailer we had rented. Finished at 9.30pm last night, went to sleep around 11pm and up at 4.30am this morning, and travel 350km again. But this time dad was driving most of the way, i only drive the last 100km. And then it was time to unload the trailer, carry everything to the 2nd floor. Assemble a big bed with desk and bookshelf below it. Still have tons of things to do, but i’m just too tired! I’ve been too tired all the time really, probably shouldn’t even have been driving but i had to, but at least now the most important things is finished! Have some time to relax now at last!

Tomorrow I’m going to see a doctor finally. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if i’m getting a proper diagnose then. I haven’t been able to monitor my glucose levels for the past week due to running out of test strips, but i’ve been feeling too high most of the time. Feeling hungry most of the time, constantly feeling thirsty more or less, going to bathroom about once every hour while awake. And a constant feeling of being out of energy and tired!
Had late lunch/early dinner about 1.5h ago, was eating like a horse and now i’m hungry again! And I feel like sleeping, but the basketball game between China and USA is just too exiting! I do think China has a fair chance of winning if they keep going like they do now! In this second it’s 31 to USA and 29 to China!

Ok, this blog is really a lot of rambling. I’m tired and unfocused… Hopefully the fog will clear up soon…