So, what are sensors made of?

Hello, everyone. I am a frequent poster on the CWD list and read here, but I haven’t posted anything, I don’t think :-). I am Jennifer, and my daughter Jayden, now almost 12, was dx’d at 9. She has been on the MM pump since Feb 2008, and the MM CGM since Jan 2009.

We have been having infection issues with sensor sites. Up until about a month ago, I think we had maybe 2 or 3 infected sensor sites. In the last month, we have done three sensor insertions, all of which have ended up infected by the third day. We used to get 6 days out of each sensor. We are also experiencing issues with pump sites becoming infected…again, we used to get 3 or maybe 4 days out of a site, but now we get a max of 2.5 days before a knot starts forming (size of a penny or so) underneath Jayden’s skin that takes several days to clear up and hurts!

I have tried everything I know to do and not making much progress. I suspect she may be developing an allergy or sensitivity to the materials in the catheters/sensors.

Does anyone know if the two items share a material? Is there teflon in both, or something else in both?

FYI, Jayden is very thin and muscular. She is about 4’8" tall and weighs 88 pounds. Up until May she was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader. I have spoken to the folks at MM, but they don’t have any suggestions for us. They said maybe she just doesn’t have enough fat to pump successfully. I can’t imagine that could be the case.

Thanks for any suggestions you might offer, and if you have information about the materials in the sensors and pump sites, I would love to see it.

Also, do you know if Dex sensors are made of the same materials as the MM sensors? Switching might be an option if the materials are different.

Have you tried the sure T for pumping? It is a steel set and alot of people swear by them. I have had a cgm sensor get irritated but that was after some salt water from the sea got under the Tegaderm. Otherwise no issues with the cgm. I also have occasional issues with irritation at a pump site when it was placed on my arm or thigh. not every site there but a couple of times. Almost like my body didn’t like them because it resolved on its own after it was removed. I could have sworn it was an infection. but nope. Resolved with nothing after removal.

As for the Dex I am not sure of the composition but it can be quite the same as tylenol affects the Dex readings but not the MM.

We have tried the Sure T, but it has been a long time. We can’t use the straight in sets with her, though, so we’ll have to find an angled steel set if we’re going to use one. I can’t remember what it’s called, but I know there is one that inserts basically like a needle. That is a possibility if we get to that point. Thanks for the reply!