So what now

I have had diabetes 2 for two years now I take oral meds to help control it and diet and exercise I’m not a cook so I microwave frozen vegtables and whatever else I can find, I watch the crabs on everything which is good, but now my doc. is telling me I got to watch the cholesterol too, but I’m finding out that if cholesterol is low crabs are high so I’m having a real tough time managing both. My glucose keep moving up and down onetime its 120 the next 225 then 94, I check my glucose 2 or 3 time a day the only good thing was the last A1C was at 6.5% so what am I suppose to do now? So sad; Grumpy_g.

You do need to watch your cholesterol as a diabetic - but the good news is that eating less carb seems to reduce cholesterol as well reducing your blood sugar spikes. Also, having lower blood sugars tends to go hand in hand with lower cholesterol. So I’d suggest not only ‘watching’ those carbs but trying to avoid them a bit more - as much as you can manage anyway.

Go for the real slow acting carbs like those found in vegetables (but not potatoes) and avoid all the faster acting carbs like bread & pasta & potatoes & rice & sweet foods. You don’t have to do this all day every day for the rest of your life (Unless you want to) but it helps to do it as often as possible, to whatever extent you’re comfortable with. Listen to your body and balance the needs of your pancreas out with the rest of your body’s needs.

Perhaps a little more exercise? What do you do already? Exercise is brilliant, yet again, for both blood sugars and cholesterol.

Don’t stress :slight_smile: D is a pain to control, and we never get it perfect! But things sure get easier once we learn about it and take control.

By the way - your blood sugar is changing ALL the time, and if you’re only testing 3 times a day you’re missing a lot, so don’t place too much importance on one result. The numbers you mentioned are mostly good (120 and 94). the 225 isn’t so hot but obviously it got sorted out in the end.