So Whats Your "Happy D. Date?" I want to know!

What’s your “Happy D. Date”?

I’ve come up with a diabetes date, which makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. And that’s the date that I felt like “One Happy Diabetic”. That’s the day I became a”1HappyDiabetic”. So to speak :slight_smile:

What being one happy diabetic means to me is that I feel good about the way I am managing my diabetes. I feel like I’m on the right form of therapy, and most importantly, have people that care about me.

So what’s your “Happy D. Date?”

You don’t have to give the exact day, maybe just the year even. Give a little story about what started it off for you. Was it someone, or maybe some new form of therapy you started to treat your diabetes?

I would like to know and start a running post sharing the dates and your stories. I think a date and a little story is a very simple gift to give and a Date to be proud of. If you are a “Happy Diabetic” I think these stories can help a lot of other people with diabetes get a date that they deserve to have too.

If you have diabetes and don’t have a date, and I know a lot, maybe even most diabetics don’t, I want to help you get one. That’s my goal. And my new mission for my soon to be “” website.


My Happy D. Date is June 22, 2007

A long ways away from the day I was diagnosed. But it truly is my date. I think what really had a lot to do with that date, was my insulin pump. It was really when I was comfortable with my insulin pump, and was able to make good decisions and managing my diabetes on a daily basis.
I got a better understanding of my own diabetes, and was able to share that with others, family and friends, and it helped give everyone a better understanding of what my diabetes was really like. I never knew how really important, that was.
I have a very caring wife, and that’s an understatement. She is really the best thing that ever happened to me in my diabetes. But she could not have gotten there, without me going on an insulin pump, and being able to explain to her what diabetes does to me, and how it when I needed help from her.

Such a Happy Day for me. I think I am going to tell my wife that were going to need to start celebrating it like a birthday. I know she will have a problem with that seeming my real birthday is the day after Christmas. What a great time in June to have a real party!!! I better make sure to count my carbs right. (wink)

I don’t know the date - but somewhere around January this year would be my ‘vaguely happy’ date lol. I think my true happy D date is still to come - when I finally get an a1c in the 5s!

I’ve had D a few years now, and the first year was definitely not a happy D year! I was misdiagnosed as a T2, spent months struggling with diet, then pills, and getting no results. I was often getting high BGs that I could do nothing about… this was my honeymoon period and it totally sucked. Would have been nicer if I’d known I wasn’t a T2 and didn’t feel so guilty about not being able to manage with diet & exercise. Boy did my doctors put the guilt trip on me! So unfair in retrospect. I spent all that time feeling frustrated, guilty, depressed, and out of control - even though I put SO much effort into it.

Things got heaps better as soon as I was re-diagnosed as a T1. I didn’t mind injections because I was desperate for some control! At that point things were truly desperate - I was running constantly in the 20s (mmol) and feeling pretty gross because of it. So insulin was a new lease on life and I felt great to finally know what the problem was, and to finally have some control over it - YAY :slight_smile:

Things got better again when I learnt about carbohydrates and got some balance into my diet. Better again when I got more into exercise (and now that winter is finished with, I better get back into that - I’ve been slack!). Better again when I found lots of wonderful diabetics to share stories & advice with. Possibly my best moment in my D history was when I realised that I CAN eat anything I want - even pizza - if I plan a little… and it’s really no big deal so long as I don’t splurge every day. (sad! but food is unfortunately important to me… and I would’ve missed chocolate horribly lol).

January this year was when I finally felt in control, started logging more seriously (and learning from it instead of feeling bad about the highs), and had my first a1c in the low 6s.

Next step, lower a1cs (go 5s!) and a more balanced lifestyle - I really need to concentrate on some basics like getting a good nights sleep! So my true happy D day is still to come, I think… but I’m looking forward to it, and working for it :slight_smile:

Good thread - makes me remember that I am in control of this beast. I can give in if I want, but I’ve never wanted to… this is a ‘battle’ I plan to take control over!

I still don’t feel like I’m truly “One Happy Diabetic”, but my happiest D date so far was November 17, 2002. I had had an unexpected detached retina due to proliferative blood vessels and had to have emergency surgery, followed by laying face down, not moving, for seven days. 10/17 was my third follow-up appointment and the doc said “why, you’re healing beautifully - I fully expect you’l get all of your vision back”. I did. And yes, that was trully a Happy D Day!