Jackson has been back in school for about 3 weeks and everything has been going pretty good, he has had a low about everyday at somepoint. We have been trying to figure out why......I know it seems obvious, but the lows are at different times about everyday. His class as P.E. three days a week so when the pattern started I figured he just needed a bigger snack before P.E., but when it happened again the next day when they only had library as a "special" I didn't know. Some lows do happen before P.E. Any thoughts...The past few weeks the lows have happened at...(P.E. is at 11:20,lunch is at 12:30) School is from 8am-3:45pm

-2:10, P.E. Day
-1:15, P.E. Day (overbouls from lunch probably)
-9:45, Art Day
-2:35, Library Day
No Low, Until around 5, Probably a pre-dinner low
-8:05, Art Day
-10:30, P.E. Day
-11:20, Library Day
-3:00, P.E. Day
-2:05, P.E. Day

Sorry it was so long, I really just don't know what to think.

How low is he going? Is it possible that some of it the newness of school still, and excitement/anticipation of an activity he particularly enjoys?

I don't see any patterns (time-wise) there either. Wish I could be of more help!

He is going to about 50-60 range.

I hope someone else can jump in here with some ideas! Have you posted in the Parents of Kids With Type ! group?