Soak City

Jimmy is taking me to Soak City in Chula Vista tomorrow. I have never been to a water park and always wanted to go. I went out today and bought a one piece bathing suit. I still have an ugly yellow bruise on my stomach from injecting, the one piece suit will hide it. I won’t be using my OmniPod pump, there is no place to hide the pod and even if there was it might get banged around on the water slides.

The weather has been real cool here for the last few days. It is only 64 today but the forecast says it will be a little warmer tomorrow. After Soak city we are going to El Torito for dinner. It is a Mexican restaurant, I don’t have much experience with Mexican food so getting the right bolus might be a problem.

Water parks are fun! If you like water sports, you will like it. Soak City…haha - what a cute name!

Mexican food - well, it can be high in carbs. Lots of beans, rice, flour and corn things esp. the free chips and salsa that people tend to pig out on. A half a cup of most beans is 23 carbs - they don’t spike me though. Some people can’t eat them. I stopped eating rice but I know some people on here have problems with it. The drinks too (although vrigin for you) are high sugar - margaritas and pina coladas. Avoid those.

If you get fatajas, they give you the tortillas and fillings separte at your table and you make it yourself - usually comes with flour tortillas so you can not eat that part if you what. I did that last time I went for Mexcian (except I goofed and had margaritas - my first drink since diagnosis - bad move shot me up 100 extra!). Avocado is good and not high in carbs so you can have the quacamole ok.

Have a good time! I hope he talks more this time! Maybe he is just shy and is warming up to you. (I know I hate it when I end up doing all the talking too) I usually try and make them talk by asking him a bunch of questions or something

Have fun! Envious of your weather. In the mid 90’s & dry as a bone where I am. If there was a water park near me, I’d be there all day & night.

I won’t be able to go to Soak city. I wasn’t due to Monday but my monthly is starting early. I don’t dare go because sometimes they are real bad.

Now I have to decide what I’m going to tell Jimmy. I can’t tell him the truth, but I hate to lie to him. I guess I’ll just have to blame it on my diabetes acting up.

Mexican food, like most ethnic foods won’t really spike your BG’s, they just keep rising over a 4 to 5 hour period. If your system has a dual square wave bolus use it, because after 2 hours your BG’s will still be rising, and rising…

I worked in Mexican restaurant when I was diagnosed, my sugars were great. I cam only guess it’s because I had fresh meat and veggies and I could have them cook whatever I wanted, I liked green opener stuffed with veggies.

Aw, so sorry you are going to miss Soak City. If you are feeling OK, maybe Jimmy will take you to a movie instead or something. I am sure he will take a rain check. He sounds like a sweetie.

I know what you mean though - periods and going swimming - no way, jose! I had an embarasssing incident once with that and never again! Too chancey. You don’t want the pool to look like Jaws is living in it! LOL!

I told Jimmy the truth, that my time of the month came early. I never told a guy that I was having my period before. I know I’ll be embarrassed when we go to dinner later.

We’ll be going to Soak city another time. It’s just as well because it is cold outside now and might not warm up enough to be in a wet swimsuit.

We are going out to dinner, not El Torito but another Mexican restaurant. Thanks everyone for the information on Mexican food. I’m going to just trust my judgment and shoot to err on the high side. I can always do a correction later.

I’ll tell a guy I have my period. Who cares? They know we get them right? Some guys are actually turned on by that sort of stuff (I know, eww - who knows why eh?) I feel pretty crappy on the first few days of my period so no guy will want to be around me anyhow. I’ll just moan and groan about my cramps. :slight_smile:

Have fun at your dinner!

It was a little embarrassing to tell him, I hope he’s not turned on, that’s sick.

I don’t usually don’t get cramps but I do get a feeling of pressure in my lower abdomen. I don’t much feel like going out but I didn’t want him to think I’m a wimpy girl that gets sick 4 days every month. I did cancel the exercise class I had scheduled for tomorrow morning.

I’m sure that, as policia, Jimmy has seen far worse of humanity than a period.

My experience with Mexican food is that beans don’t spike me but [corn] tortilla chips and the grease from fajitas and tacos asada will. I can get away with one or one and a-half flour tortillas if I order burritos, so I order the three bean burritos dish from my favorite local place and eat half – the other half makes a yummy breakfast the next morning. (Okay, maybe not like some of your breakfasts…)

By “turned on” I meant that I have had some guys tell me that they are intrigued by all that “woman stuff”. They think all the crazy hormones and stuff make us more charming (even if we turn into crazy girls) - Oh, ok, I know some weird guys than. :slight_smile: Point is, it doesn’t bother most guys, so no reason about being embarassed.

Still to chilly for swimming, sigh will I ever get to put my feet in the water?

How did the Mexican restaurant go?

Friday night we went to Tio Leo’s Mexican Restaurant. I had carnitas (pork) it came with rice, beans, guacamole, and tortillas. I only finished half the pork, all the beans, tortilla and a little rice. After they brought us a small dish of flan, it looked like a quiche so I took a big bite, it was very sweet and it tasted like carmel custard.I only ate one spoonful of that. They put all my leftovers in a takeout container.

They had a band playing in the lounge, he asked me if I wanted to dance. I said OK so we moved to the lounge. We ordered ice tea and when they played a slow dance we danced. It was a big mistake, our difference in height was never more apparent. Instead of putting my head on his shoulder it was in chest. I begin to think everyone was staring at us and was blushing. When we sat back down in our booth he put his arm around me and kissed me for the first time. We sat there until they closed, then he took me home.

After we ate and all the time we were in the lounge, over 3 hours, I forgot to test. When I got home I was 110, I was lucky, I could have gone low and embarrassed myself. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very good all day so I stayed home. Today we are going out, I don’t know where yet.

Aw, sounds like a good time! I bet the flan except you from going low. Yeah, it looks like quiche but it is very sugary. :slight_smile: Maybe that is why you don’t feel good - I wonder if the flan made you go higher? If I have a day where I go too, I don’t feel good for a while after.

I think everyone thought you guys looked cute! Obviously the height thing doesn’t bother him, eh? Sounds like it is going well for you so far. I hope you have a good time today! :slight_smile:

I was only a little high Friday night - 110. Saturday morning I was high, then low, then high again. I was afraid of the old roller coaster so I went back on my pump. I don’t trust the Novolog pen at 1 unit doses doing corrections. With the pump I have better control of low doses. I think it was my monthly that was causing the problems. This morning I was fine, 94 fasting.

I going to a party at Jimmy’s house, not really a party, just us, Jimmy’s brother and his fiance. His brother wanted him to meet his fiance. He asked me if I could fix some Hawaiian/Japanese snacks but it would be hard without buying a lot of ingredients, so I’m going to make fried rice and he is going to grill some steaks.