Social Slipstream

Hello everyone,

Has anyone every participated in the social slipstream? It looks like an adult camp(weekend) for diabetics… wanted to get a little more information on experiences.

Please let me know!

Is this the slipstream organization and program?

If it is, it looks like fun! I’m not sure if a 60-something like me is the target demographic.

I’m not 100% sure. I’m going to say yes, because the link you posted has same info, but this one that I recieved is in Catalina Island, CA. Emerald Bay??

Here it is:

13 PM

Have you ever participated in this?

No, I haven’t. It looks like a great idea to me!

me too

I grew up nearby but Catalina never did much for me. My brother used to catch abalones there, and when I think of it I mostly think of the weird airport.

The abalones were of course delicious. Not sure there are any left now.

Social Slipstream???..not a Clue as to what that even means. Not sure I want to even know!!!