Soda Stream


I'm sure this isn't the greatest solution, but I, for one, swear that diet pop is addictive. Maybe it's the aspartame, though I don't know any scientific research, but I grew up eating diet everything with aspartame in it. As an adult I've started avoiding it, but diet Coke is the one thing I haven't given up. I've tried to quit multiple times and always end up slipping up once, and that's the end of it ... especially since it's sold everywhere, so easy to just go grab a diet Coke anywhere. I get cravings that, from the sounds of it, seem like the same types of cravings smokers get! I'm trying to find a substitute that is carbonated and has a similar flavour to diet Coke but not the nasty aspartame, and is readily available. From there I'd like to wean myself to water, although there are times when I just REALLY want something other than water, and that's carb-free, especially in summer.


I drink herbal iced teas, Jen. For dinner I have wine and especially in summer I like sparkling wines such as Prosecco. I used to drink crystal geyser juice squeeze - no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, but now it's too much carbs for just a beverage. I sometimes like the sparkling waters with a spritz of orange or lime.


I so wish I liked wine, but sadly, I don't. I'll drink it when I "have" to, but don't really like it.

I drank sparkling water with lemon this summer and it works when I'm at home but not when I'm away, which is the biggest challenge for me. The evil of Diet Coke is that it's so easy to pop into any store and buy it.

I like the idea of orange or lime in sparking water for a bit of variety. Will have to give that a try next time I get some.


Yes, plain sparkling water. The soda stream makes sparkling water - then you add whatever you want (if anything).


I use soda stream and I love it. I'm not much of soda drinker anymore nor was I ever except for when with my x who drank gallons of pepsi per day. YES for sure it is much better than normal soda but only if you make your own flavors and don't use their horrible, chemical ridden flavors with sugar or aspartame/splenda etc. I add in lemon, lime, vanilla and other flavors and then sweeten with pure sweet leaf stevia extract if I want it to be sweet.