Soft Set Ultimate/Micro QR from Minimed, any experience with this?

Hey guys, I was looking through their online store and saw these Soft Set Ultimate (and Micro) QR sets. I’ve never heard of these before and I was wondering what the difference is. According to the site it says "With the Sof-set, a soft cannula is all that remains in place. A special
adhesive dressing inhibits bacterial growth. The Quick Release feature
allows you to temporarily disconnect for swimming, showering or intimate

But how is that any different from the Quicksets? They also have a soft cannula. For them the site says "The Quick-set provides the convenience of a disconnect at the infusion
site and a pre-attached adhesive for a discreet, low profile design."

They only real difference I see is the “discreet, low profile design.”

Does this mean Soft Sets aren’t discreet? Is their cannula any softer than the Quickset? Basically, what are all the differences between the two (including: do I need a different reservoir for Soft Sets)?

I know I should probably call and ask, but their customer service has been so horrendous lately I fear doing so. Lat time I called was because they sent me the “postcard” (the Supply Reorder Card) a month after the due date indicated for me to return it. So in other words, the card said fill in and mail it to us by X date to avoid shipment interruption, but they sent me the card a month after that date! I called and they basically told me that it must have been stuck to the bottom of my mailbox all this time and it was my fault for not looking harder. I can guarantee this was not the case.

Anyway, this isn’t about Medtronics complaints I’m just curious about the Soft Sets and how they compare to Quicksets in case I decide to change sets before I make my next order.

By the way, I don’t need a new RX for the soft Sets before ordering do I?


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Sorry to bump this, but I need to make this order soon and I don’t want the post to go unnoticed if someone has any info.

Thanks, and sorry again.

You can ask for a sample.

I use these - the MM-320 is the 6mm softset and the MM-315 is the 9mm. the actual area of the plastic sticking to your body seems way smaller to me than the quicksets. The disconnect mechanism is about 6 inches from the cannula, which doesn’t bother me one bit. They have the standard connection to the pump. I have a Accu-chek Spirit pump. You might be able to get some samples from your CDE. oh, and you can order an inserter for the softsets if you like them. I order mine from a mail order pharmacy called Sterling in NJ. I love Sterling - they answer the phone right away, they do all the insurance, and I get my sets in a couple of days.