Software Issue

I was trying to download load my Ping but when I click on the ezmanager max icon I have to input a code or a serial number.The problem is that I received the software with my 2020 and my software won't work without the serial number of my 2020.How do other animas users handle this?

The code is the registration code for your software, not your pump. I not sure if you are using the older ezManager software that came with your 2020. There are differences between the two pumps and I had to purchase the newer ezManager software to use it with my Ping.

After I got the new software and installed it I still had to use my initial software registration code (from the 2020 ezManager software) to get it to work.

I most likely am using the older software,but when I got my ping in 2012 shouldn't I have received the software with it?

I think that Animas is in the process of abandoning EZ Manager. It’s not even Windows 7 compatible much less Windows 8 and I’ve seen no indication that they plan to fix this.

I’ve been an Animas user since December and do all of my pump and meter downloading at Diasend. I think that online downloads are really where it’s at these days.

There are some things that you need EZ Manager for, such as changing your alert tunes. Since I’ve never used EZ Manager, I don’t know what else I’m missing.

I believe that is true. They would like everyone to migrate to the Diasend online system.

However, I do have ezManager running just fine on a Windows 7 system. The software is fine but you need to load the Windows Vista driver for the IR reader.

That is one of my main uses for ezmanager is changing alert tunes.I can use diasend for everything else

I called Animas and they gave me a number so I don,t have to register everytime I use the software.Problem solved.

I mainly contact to Geek Squad Support as they provide me the key and also help me to setup the device.