It was that time again today… Time to change Eden's pump site and refill the insulin stored in her pump. (you can read more about it here)

2 days goes by SO QUICKLY….

Eden doesn't like it - she casually said, I don't like my pump then followed by I don't like shots either..

Sorry kid - it's one or the other to stay alive

In solidarity I offered to put in a pump site too.. D-dad and I have done it before, but it was a long time ago when she first got connected to her pump.

Me on the left - Eden on the right

As I stared down at my exposed belly getting ready to insert the big needle into myself - I couldn't do it. I pinched the skin, counted to 3 at least 5 times but was unable to actually jab myself.

Something I do to Eden EVERY 2 DAYS -

need her to be able to do on her own…

and I couldn't do it!

In the end I used an inserting device - basically you attach the site (with needle) to a spring loaded device and harpoon yourself with it.

Not fun - didn't hurt that badly, but I can definitely understand why she is not ready to do this herself yet!!

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Brava to all and blessings......