Some days are just, well, *OFF*

It was not a bad day–it was just an off day. BG not bad, set and sensor change day–that went well, but I just feel off. maybe its the pending storm, maybe all of the firsplace smoke that is laying in the valley due to a slight inversion from said storm…

Got a lot accompished at work, went and got the hearing aids adjusted a bit, but still…

Checking off the to-do’s for this weekends trip…really looking forward to, not the being away from home–but the daughters being one more step in her career path and eventaul certification.

Not happy it might snow Sat while we are traveling the mountain…but it is not supposed to be a big storm

And we get to shop unfettered by time limits, except our own feet (thank you CGMS and coke)

Am curious to see how a small trip just to CA will affect the BG…travel back east was not fun and quite hard to manage (pre CGMS) even with the pump.

Ah well–wonder if tomorrow will be a wacky wednesday?? :slight_smile:

and yes I am a dr suess fan