Some days I just don't want to live anymore


@Andante, @Mila indicated that you might be in the S. Bay…I am too if you want someone to talk with.


You are so kind! I will PM you. Thanks.


Glad to see you are still with us! This group is always very supportive and will get you over the low days that you are having. I would still strongly suggest that you get in touch with a counselor - even if it is via teleconferencing. There are many who do work pro bono online and all you need is an internet connection and a web cam. I will admit that upon reading your initial posts, I was quite worried that you were heading down a road that should never be traveled, and I am very happy to see that you are still here and reaching out for assistance. Hang in there - we are all here to help.


You are not alone.Everyone here ready to cheer you up:)
There is so many interesting activities out there. Take some courses? yoga, dance, piano , crafts, painting or find likewise people , any group in facebook you like and join. Last time I felt very lonely I found travelmania group in facebook OMG after joined I got so many new friends. Their attitude and passion brought my emotion to another level. Try and find yours :slight_smile:


@Andante, It was so very nice meeting you yesterday and I had a GREAT time! I very much enjoyed our conversation and walk. :grinning: We will have to get together again soon.


Ditto, kiddo. Thank you for calming my ragged nerves, thank you for the walk, and thank you for the laughter. I hope to see you and wifey very soon. :hugs:


I get you when you say the diabetic group didn’t work out for you, I am the same way, especially because I don’t like to let my health conditions define me. They are a challenging part of my life, but they are not my entire life :wink:

The other suggestions in this thread are great, I agree it’s best to make friends over an activity (less awkward if everyone is concentrating on something fun, haha). One idea I had: are you able to get an animal of some sort, or do you have one? I have two cats who are a major mood booster for me. I’m lucky enough to have a great partner, but my little guy and gal bring a lot of joy to my life too! They are both so loving, and so funny; if one spends enough time with their cats, they can be very devoted pets. I hope to add a dog to the mix one day when my living situation changes (renting right now). Pets are a lot of work, but make such loyal friends, so if you’re able, I definitely recommend it. Even a fish can be therapeutic. If living situation is only thing preventing, then perhaps a certified therapy animal? I’m pretty sure most parts of the US and Canada have laws that allow you to keep one even if you live in a no-pets residence.

Another thing that I do is writing, both fiction and nonfiction (memoir style). For me, it’s very mood boosting. If you’re interested in that, maybe enroll for a writing course, either in person at a community college or an online course? (I did an English degree at uni and have never regretted it!)

Hope some part of that is helpful! :grinning:


These are just some thoughts I had after reading your post. I hear ya when you say sometimes you don’t want to live any more. Diabetes is awful. It drags on and just never ends. And it can be isolating if you don’t know anyone else who is going through the same thing.

A lot of people are suggesting you join groups doing things you are interested in. Always a good idea. But how about a service organization? Not sure if anyone suggested that yet. I joined my local DAR chapter, which is a service organization. We do community service projects, fund raise for scholarships, give aid to veterans and active military personnel. Ours is a small chapter so I feel like I’m friends with everybody. My point is that it’s really easy to put your own misery aside when you are serving others. Believe me, I have had plenty of misery in my life. Somehow it doesn’t matter so much when I am working on a project that is going to benefit someone other than myself. That’s when you really have a purpose.
There are a lot of service organizations out there to join.

I also lead a small church choir. There again, I like to sing and play the guitar but ther real meaning comes in when I’m ministering to other people through music. If it inspires someone’s spirit or soothes someone’s weary soul, then I found my purpose. Our small choir is all wonderful people that I truly care about. I have made friends there.

Again, my point is, to join a knitting group is a great fun and creative activity, but if you are trying to find your purpose in life, a community service organization (or one where your reason for being there is to benefit someone other than yourself) is a great way to do it.

We all have times when we wonder why we are here. You are not alone with that one.


Another thought on performing service for others, if you can get out and are able to drive how about volunteering to deliver meals on wheels. Check with your local council on aging. They may have seniors that need rides to medical appts or to get groceries. You would be doing a tremendous service for someone else.

There’s also a social piece to volunteering to help others. You will make friends that way. There are many rewards all the way around.


Thank you for your wonderful replies, Cinderfella and dustbunni. It was nice to hear from you.

I can’t understand why I’m having such trouble right now. I’m usually feeling much better during spring and summer! It’s fall and winter that I always struggle.

In any case, your ideas are wonderful! The problem is that they all require some action on my part. And right now, it’s hard to lift a finger. I’m much more easily paralyzed nowadays than I used to be. (And truth be told, the outside world can be a scary place…)

As for performing service for others, Cinderfella, you and I share a bond that way. I’ve always had a penchant for doing so, and I love it that you do as well. But my mobility is more restricted now, and my choices are more limited.

That being said, I do have an idea for helping others that I’d like to implement, and hope to get the ball rolling soon. All I can say is, I’m glad it’s not happening TODAY! So out of it today.

(And as I wrote this, my Dex was in the 50’s.)