Some of our members among the World's Top Health Bloggers!

I just learned about this through Amy’s blog: Amy Tenderich’s Diabetes Mine blog ranked #9 among the world’s top health blogs.

Also on the list is Kerri’s Six Until Me. Did I miss anybody else?

I had a look through the list and saw a good 4 or 5 familiar names in the top hundred-and-something health blogs. Also found a couple I’d never seen before. It’s stuff like this (and the DD headlines, the OC page, etc) that helps me find new bloggers to feed my addiction!

The blog awards were great for links too!

I’m about #173 on the list, with

I think Amy and Kerri have done an excellent job of writing. They’re also great and encouragement and promotion.

I don’t see David Mendosa, which surprises me.

I’m working on improving my ranking. More because I think the stuff I’m concerned about is important to people. It helps some if people add you to their blogroll, hint, hint.

Rachel’s “Tales of my Thirties” was 177.