Some praise for Insulet

Since I joined TuD 8 months ago thereabouts, I've seen a lot of complaints and criticism against Insulet, chiefly around three things: Difficulty getting them on the phone, new generation pod shipment issues, and problems with failures of the new generation pods.

The complaints were certainly legitimate. However, there's always the "squeaky wheel" phenomenon, so there are no doubt plenty of customers that are very happy with their Insulet relationship. I'm one of them.

I've had nothing but truly exceptional service from them. The 4 or 5 times I've had to deal with them since I went on the pod back in July have been 100% perfect. That describes my latest encounter, which just concluded.

Being new to this, I wasn't aware of the whole, "re-authorization" deal with insurers. Called up 1/30 to order my next 90-day batch of pods, learned I needed re-authorization from Anthem/BC. Insulet would take care of it.

ABC dragged their feet, and when I called Insulet this morning, they still hadn't received it. That's when the bad customer service experience began -- with ABC. Insulet hit them again, with some higher-priority query because I'm wearing my last pod, and also suggested I call too as sometimes the insurers are more responsive to their client.

Called ABC, sat on hold for 2 hours due to high call volumes. While on hold, got another call from Insulet with very good news.

They had been successful (I'm sure there are "back channel" phone numbers they can call that we slobs have no access to), and got approval. Because of my situation, they were going to overnight me 3 complimentary pods to tie me over until the regular shipment arrived, going out tomorrow.

That's $100 worth of pods, gratis. I'm due for a change tomorrow evening, so this will work out perfectly. They didn't have to do that, but, they did.

They're a good company, and I'm a very satisfied customer. I can't wait for their next generation!!

Thats Great Dave! I too love them. I only ever had 1 bad situation with them and they sorted it out very quickly and everything was great. every time I call a Pod in I have nothing but the most wonderful people on the phone, and when I order a new shipment they are super amazing!

I also have had good results with Insulet working with me and dealing with Tricare. Yes I have had bad pods but I expect that from a company that is on the leading edge. It is worth all the issues that I have had or will have. I look forward to the day that they will have a build in CGM so I don't have to use the test strips which are not covered (non-preferred) with Tricare and most other insurance companies.

Good post. I agree; they're not perfect but Insulet is all right. I've enjoy working with them more then most health care entities.

Yes, I agree that Insulet does provide exceptional service. The OmniPod itself is a wonderful device. There are the occasional failures/malfunctions, and I get frustrated with those, too; however, problems will arise with any pump, regardless of the brand. And the updated generation is great! I haven't experienced any failures so far, and I love the more discrete design of the pod.

I agree, I've always had really good customer service from them. Yes, there were periods on hold last year but they're nothing compared to the invariable one hour plus on hold from Oregon's exchange provider (CoverOregon) and they're no worse than my insurance company is at present.

John Bowler

I also have had nothing but good experiences with Insulet and the older generation and new generation Omnipod systems. I am now in my 4th month with the new pods and have not had a single priming failure or site failure or malfunction of any kind. Also, the "highs after pod change" seem to be significantly reduced for me.

I had a discussion with another user who knows some Insulet employees. There is suspicion that some of the online identities that are bad-mouthing Insulet are actually contrived false identities from other device companies that want to interfere with Omnipod sales. And they have reason to be worried: Insulet stock price has more than doubled in the last year.

I think the majority of customer service problems in the past year are due to the migration to the new pods. Patients were swamping the call center, either checking on when they would get new pods or with issues involving those pods. All of that seems to be sorted out now, so that customer service reps are probably back to their normal call volume.

I am also a big fan. :)

it's very encouraging to hear other's positive experiences... I knew I couldn't be alone! :-)

I have had nothing but positive things to say about Insulet…edgepark my supply company…another story