Some TuDiabetes Stats

Among the registered members of TuDiabetes…

  • More than 60% are female.
  • The average age is 41.
  • Just over 60% are touched by type 1 diabetes.
  • More than 1/3 use pump therapy.
  • Almost 20% were diagnosed in the past 5 years.
  • Nearly 1,100 have visited TuDiabetes in the past 7 days.

Of ALL people who visited TuDiabetes (registered members and lurkers) in the past month:

  • More than 70% come from the US, nearly 8% come from Canada.
  • Nearly 50% are returning visitors.

Are you curious about any other TuDiabetes stats?

These are great stats. I was giving a talk on healthcare, social media and niche online communities in London last week. The audience seemed convinced that the age of participant was only those under 30.

I know the greatest growing demographic on FB is females 50-60 years old, but I don’t really have much data on age demographics particular to health-related online communities. Any insight on this with TuDiabetes or other socially integrated health portals.

Yes. How many post or comment or do they just read what others write?
What are are the most popular topics discussed?
Which is the most active forum?

Thanks Manny, you are always interesting.

@Kathy in my general experience with social media you can pretty much count on the 90:9:1 rule being pretty true.

About 90% are just reading, 9% are somewhat active and then 1% are hyperactive and really running at the core of the community.

This tends to hold true online but really everywhere else too. Just think about your neighborhood or a small town and you’ll find most people just live in their homes, some are more socially active, and then there are the few hyper-actives.

As far as TuDiabetes Manny can provide more insight but this is just a general rule. With 21,000 members there may be 10x that in readers and a core of 2,000 or so very active members. Would be interesting to see if Manny can verify close to that. It proves true in the communities that I run more or less, but this is a much larger community and also so emotionally passionate vs a community based around being tall or having a mohawk hairstyle.

What’s the absolute age range? Oldest to youngest? Recognizing, of course, that the age of CWD is probably not accessible if the profile belongs to the parents… but I’m still curious to know how young the youngest TuDiabetes user is.

Thank Manny…very interesting!

It it too late! I did not set this until today. I’ll be coming with my wife and kids. We’ve love to participate.