Some weird set reaction?

Ok, so yesterday I changed my set in the afternoon. I noticed awhile later that my site was sore to the touch or when clothes rubbed against it, but my numbers were perfect so I ignored it. Last night I was at a group and noticed I had red spots all over my arms and when I looked they were on my legs and stomach as well (though not noticeably worse near the site). No itching and not raised bumps so I basically forgot all about it until today when I again noticed the spots. The site meanwhile had gotten a bit more sensitive to touch and red looking under the window, but my numbers were still good.

I wondered if the spots could be from my latest cardio med, which does list rash as "possible allergic reaction" (not side effect). But I started that med a full 2 weeks ago so it seems unlikely to be an allergic reaction now. I decided to change my set, due to the spots and concern over possible infection. The site looked ok, a bit of blood. It's now been two hours since I changed it. The spots are still there, but I don't know if it would take awhile for spots to fade if caused by a set. In my 1 1/2 years on the ping, I've never had any allergic reaction to the tape as some people mention, and not even any problems with sticking.

Anyone have a clue?

Thanks for responding Shawnmarie. It seems hard to think an allergic reaction could be after two weeks, but who knows. I have an appointment with my cardiologist on Tuesday where I'm sure he'll have me titrate off it anyway because it's not working. But the spots do seem to be getting worse and a bit sensitive feeling so if it's worse tomorrow I might go see my PCP. I'm just having one of those weeks where when I think I've caught up with myself and can relax yet something else comes up.

Just an update on my rash. It was the medication I started two weeks ago. The doctor explained that it's a misconception that allergic reactions only happen right away but it often takes time to build up. He gave me a shot of steroids and now I get to see how high my blood sugar gets for a couple days! I thought about it and said I could live with the rash (it has started itching some) until the med gets out of my system. But then he said I should go to the ER if I had trouble breathing and I said, "Oops, ok, give me the shot, I know how to deal with high blood sugars!"