Somebody! Please Come Rescue Me! LOL

So This past week I was working in California. Last night I was on my way to the airport for the flight home. It's a 41 mile drive. Friday afternoon. L.A. traffic... need I say more? Let's go back in time to last night... sitting in the airport, when I wrote these words to a friend.............

So............. the drive took almost 4 hours, and now the 7:30pm flight is delayed... until 11pm. Ugh! I will get home sometime after 4:30am with the time change. Guess all you can do is laugh and keep on going :-) ok ok, so I did say '&%#$' quite a few times, and there was at least one really loud '&%$#!' somewhere along the road. Hey, it happens, I've never said I was perfect. I think it must have been when the 'Safelite Repair Safelite Replace' commercial came on the radio for the 17th time in 5 minutes LOL.

Anyway... I finally made it, and decided I would go all out and seek some companionship and comfort through the magic of some totally unnecessary, totally not so good for you "Mr. Type 1 diabetic but at this moment I don't really care" carbs. So.... (drum roll, please) I ate a humongously ginormous (yes it's a real word, check it out here) meal at (wait for it) ugh... Chili's in the airport (ok, could it get any worse ha ha?) and ordered the largest beer they had. It was either that or Fredrico's Greco-Roman Themed Sushi Bar and Winery... Uh, yeah... NO THANKS! So now I'm sitting here in the terminal with several thousand of my other carb-engorged flight-delayed friends, and thinking about organizing a big game of 'confuse the TSA agents" LOL. Seriously, it's pretty major suckage at this point, but what are you gonna do? So I'm laughing and trying to make the best of it. I have some pills guaranteed to put a horse to sleep in my pocket, and my plan is to take them a little while before boarding the plane... Either that or slip them into the coke of the loudmouth sitting behind me who always seems to kick my seat the entire flight, that is when he's not passing the gas of his half digested rotten sushi in my direction. Thanks so very much Fredrico! HA HA Ya just gotta love late-night airline travel... So many stories, so little time... LOL

ok friends, I hope my silly little attempt at some late night humor has put a smile on your face. If not, oh well, I tried, and at least it kept me from roaming the terminal for a few minutes. So far I have a collection of toilet paper squares from 23 of the 400 stalls, and managed to get autographs on most of those. Can you say EEEEEEWWWWWWWW!?!?!?!?

And... just so we're clear, that was just a joke! I really only got 12 of them autographed...

OK, so, once again trying to be serious, the next time you find yourself stranded in the airport, think about me... 'cause I'll probably be doing the same, in some far-away city on the planet, wondering why the terminal doesn't have Lazy-Boys, Big-Screen TV's, and actually serve healthy food that wasn't mass produced in a dimly lit and germ-infested factory guaranteed to cause stomach discomfort and sky-rocketing BG levels... Either that, or I'll be adding to my collection of TP Squares LOL. Happy Travels!

(Per the advice of my lawyer, I must disclose that I am in no way implying that the afore-mentioned dining establishment serves anything less than wholesome, well prepared and germ-free delicacies...) LOL