Somedays i just want to scream!

Yesterday was very hard for me, aarons blood were quite high yesterday, round about 19-20 and came home from school in an awful mood, sheer anger and tried to calm him down but didnt work, throwing things, refusing to do homework, tidy etc eventually calmed down but this was hours later.

I am the patient one in this family cause hubby will just get angry at aaron as to why he is behaving like that, i know his bloods are causing havoc with his moods but he doesnt seem to get it!

I would love aaron to have the perfect bm all the time but i guess thats asking too much, got clinic appointment on the 5th and his insulin always needs adjusting, hba1c is round about 8 which has come down a bit but could be lower.

We are off to florida start of oct and our first trip abroad, really worrying about it now, 9 hours on the plane and will have to get a plan from dr as to how to work aarons insulin etc with the time difference, how will he cope with the heat? as he will always goes hypo in our summer so how the heck will he manage there! i must be mad LOL

Those type of days are the worst… hang in there! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. :slight_smile:

Have you ever thought about the pump for Aaron. I just hate when I see young kids still getting diagnosed and still struggling so. I hope your husband knows that Aaron cannot help his outbursts, I am 49 and still rant and rave with my fluctuating bgs. Plus your husband has to understand how awful Aaron feels with those high numbers , it is not just a number, and yes it can take hours to fix how he feels. I have been diabetic for 41 years and pumping for 4.5 and it just makes things so much easier and obtains better control