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This may be different, but we can give support to : others" Check this site out!

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I can relate. I have two nephews with CF. They’re now in their late 20’s & are doing great. Amazing strides in CF treatment since they were born.

I would gladly take her CF on top of my problems if she was rid of it. I guess some years ago I never really put much thought into grandkids, I figured they would be okay. Boy was I wrong- I now have 7 and I would jump in front of a train for anyone of them! They are all true blessings

It’s painful seeing those we love struggling with a disease. CF really is a rough one. When my nephews were born the stats weren’t in their favor they’d live to their late 20’s. Doing their poundings 3x day was exhausting for all involved. Yay, for the vests, better aerosols & far better meds!

I can’t imagine if my one sister got diabetes, she used to faint when back in the 60’s in school they would prick our arm for a TB test. The statistics for someone getting “juvenile Sugar” as they called it back in 1967, was 30 more years. I was 13 so I’ve out lived the odds by 13 years, my dad left us all scrappers and stubborn and if needed so will my granddaughter be. If you’ve read, for the last couple years my insulin requirements are less than 20% percent of what they had been for over 30 years. With A1c’s in the low 7’s and no weight changes the doc’s are baffled as am I, so I thought ,my body’s getting weird and changing so i decided on changes. My BP has been a long time problem and they have played until I was on 6 meds- so I dropped ToprolXL, Altace and Tekturna !and my BP has never been better! Never a dull moment!