Something humorous

In a D-world where our lives revolve around numbers, seeing the following on the ReliOn website made be laugh…

I do appreciate their product… I really do. But c’mon, can’t we count better than this! Or does the +/- 20% rule come into effect here?

Makes me chuckle that the “recommended” amount is 15 grams of glucose. That would raise me 150 pts:) Whoever came up with the 15-15-15 rule didn’t know much.

+/- 25% in this case! WOW

Maybe they listed Orange as a color, and it’s just Fruit Punch flavor listed twice to make the list look more impressive! (Ok, ok, probably not, but i like to dream.)

maybe orange is a given

I suspect the person who wrote the copy hates the grape as much as I do, so his/her eyes just ignored it.

My favorite is Raspberry, so I get a different brand !