Something I really didn't want to do

After speaking to a friend of mine who works in the medical industry, I have decided that I need to send a letter of complaint to the hospital, state, et al regarding my medical records I got from my last endo.

Some of you may remember that I fired my last CDE, basically for her attitude (see previous blog post here). After reviewing the records from the hospital, there was a lot of missing information and the CDE filled out a patient progress sheet that was basically insulting, misleading and full of downright factual errors.

The kicker tho was that she diagnosed me as needing psychological counseling, not sure what her qualifications are to make such a diagnosis or what type of counseling I need. I guess I need it because I expected phone calls to be returned and not have to deal with arrogance.

I placed a complaint with their Practice Manager and I believe the CDE wrote the progress notes sheet to first cover her a** and second to be somewhat retaliatory. I’m asking for a written response to this letter, and with agencies copied on it, they will have to respond with what steps they are going to take to prevent the 13 issues I identified from happening again.

Here are the folks getting copied on it

Hospital CEO
Hospital Risk Manager
whoever on Executive Team is responsible for dealing with the state when they come in
Clinic Practice Manager
My old endocrinologist
Director of Endocrinology
Kansas State Board of Healing Art
Hospital Joint Commission (they deal with state inspections)

CMS - I need to find out more about this one, they deal with medicare/medicaid payments and such, but this puts the complaint at the federal level. Diabetes is a huge source of income and a lot of that income comes through medicare/medicaid payments. They would be interested because my complaint directly reflects on the level of care received by a diabetic patient and the hospital wants to stay on the approved list

There is no reason why anyone should have to deal with this type of treatment from anyone, let alone a medical professional. My friend told me that there is no telling how many patients may have been treated like this before because most people won’t make a written complaint, just changing doctors and letting it go.

I really hope this complaint does some good, I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with this.

Thanks for visiting a cranky, old man…