Something's Wrong


My eyes automatically fluttered open.

Something's wrong.

I turned to my side and saw my puppy startled, as if to say, "what?! What just happened?"

I threw the bed covers off me... it's too hot.

I sat up, and my head swelled with confusion... I pushed myself up and was aware that I was shaking.

I automatically threw myself to the ground looking wildly for my purse and finally found it. With uncontrollable shaking hands, I worked hard to unzip my purse until I found my glucometer. I staggered helplessly into the bathroom and forced myself to open my eyes.

Check your sugar, damnit!

Finally, as it beeped, I peeked at the numbers. It jumped out .. 23!

My throat was so dry, I couldn't say anything. I thrashed about the bathroom, until Perry finally moaned. That was when I got my voice back and yelped out, "Perry, my sugar's too low."

By the time he got to me, I was curled up into a little ball on the bathroom floor. Face in the tile, trembling uncontrollably. He gave me a glass of orange juice and told me everything was going to be ok. He lifted me up from the floor and carried me back into our room. He sat me up on the bed and openned up granola bars and fed me until I stopped shaking.

Perry peered into my face, worry lines going across his face, "Are you ok?"

I nodded.

He stayed awake with me until he fell asleep.

I laid there for a while, amazed how my husband handled my little episode. My hero.

---------> Yep, that was this morning!

I’m glad that you are OK. I somethime wonder how I am able to get out of thes episodes. Many times he has found me in this state. I always feared that he would not be around to help me. But somehow he does. I am glad you are safe.

omg thank god your ok!!..and its great your husband got to you in time…you got me thinking…my fiance is a heavy sleeper. i think we need to figure something out just in case that ever happened to me:(. but im really glad your ok:)

Oh I am sory about your little episode and thank god for your husband.Its honestly scary I am glad you sorted everything out.

Hi neighbor! (I’m in Chicago too). That is quite a story. Glad you are OK. Just wondering as I notice you are type 2 whether that happens to you alot?. I am a new Type 2 also but it hasn’t happened to me yet - I am taking Metformin. It is nice that you have someone there to help you. Even our pets know when there is something wrong with us.