Sometimes..i cry

I am strong… some might call me a warrior princess.
I am compassionate… always try to help others, make them laugh, give them a hug, listen.
I am a lover…of nature,animals,my children,my boyfriend,my family, my friends.
I am smart…I learn all I can as quick as I can, so that I may help myself better, as well as others.
I am grateful…for everything I have, everyone I have met,and the many blessing that will come.
I am powerful…I have enough energy to power a large city I am sure!
I am kind…and it comes back to me threefold…ALWAYS.

This evening I was having dinner with my family. I wasn’t at all hungry. But I need to eat to fight this battle.I burst into tears in my potatos. Worried…my family asked what was wrong…

Sometimes I cry.
Thats all I have to say about that.

Sometimes I cry, that is the sweetest:) and if you feel better after it releases all kinds of toxins and then you smile and be Happy:)
You could say this Princess Warrior crys sometimes:) and It is Ok to do that:)

Can I borrow some of your energy:)

Sometimes that is ok to not say a word and let your emotions speak for you. It is comforting that someone listens even when you dont speak.

Keep on fighting.

I cry alot lately.

it is totally healthy o cry sometimes… I do it, about once a month.

love your post!

Thank you… it means alot to me that all of you seem to enjoy the blogs/rants I put up here.
Working in the personal development field…I KNOW that when each of us is going through something… there is ALWAYS someone out there who feels the same way, but for whatever reason… is unable to articulate it.
I believe… that this is my purpose… my talents and gifts have gone to waste for far too long… I now KNOW what my purpose is… stay tuned…you aint seen NOTHING yet!!! :wink:

sometimes i cry too.


We all cry. It’s ok! My grandmother said “feels good to give your eyes a bath.” Worry about people who don’t cry, who put on a happy face & hold it all in. Am hoping to hear that someone does research showing a good boo-hoo lowers BG.

me too…sometimes you just gotta let it out

I’ve cried, I’ve raged, I’ve sat in the silence meditating, contemplating the cards I have been dealt. I have worried about waking up in the mornings, I have worried what will happen to my children if I don’t wake up. I have worried that I may have passed this battle onto them. I try to stay positive, I try not to yell or take my frustration out on others. Those that are close can empathize with our struggle. Those who are close can sympathize with our dismay and grief.

We all handle this in our own way, be it a good cry, a roar of anger and frustration or laughter of joy or even dark humor. The thing is we all try our best to handle our problems, we all are in this fight. So cry if you need to, laugh when you feel the calling, but most of all live.

Karebear, sometimes I cry too. And I don’t know the reasons, I just know that after I cry I might feel better than I do. This battle wears us down and sometimes even brave warriors have to cry or take a break…and just breathe.
But then we have to pick up swords and fight again. I"m with you sister, we are warrior princess’ who sometimes cry.

This is truly beautiful.I feel the same way. like Anonymous Jim, Cathy Jacobson I feel that it is truly difficult for others to understand unless they have been there. Well, karebear1966; I have been there. I am there now. I share the fight with you. Sometimes we all cry…