Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one with Diabetes. I know this to not be true, but when it comes to socializing with others it shows it's ugly head. Laughing in my face...ha ha ha! You can't have that it will turn into sugar! Don't eat that rice or pasta it will turn into sugar! You have to be so careful or your blood sugar will go through the roof! When I go shopping I read all of the lables for carbs,calories,sodium, and sugars. it will amaze you how much sodium is in most products. Don't even think about consuming any regular soup! Low salt is much better but lacks taste. Until next time take care of yourself and remeber to keep active at least 30 minutes a day. God Bless! Blessed Sista*~

lol so true. I have completly cut out all sugar and salt, they say “How can you eat that food like that?” I say " If I don’t I will die with sugar and salt on my breath!" It stinks that you have to make the choices that you make just to stay alive. but I’m glad we live in a day and age that we can get the medical assitance that we need and also support. And have this wonderfull website to meet other people just like us.

it’s really difficult at the start to make major dietary changes. so far I haven’t run into the food police, more of “once is not really going to hurt you”. Once… may not (depends on your control and how your body reacts to a particular meal)… but continually, it’s another story. I have a few “safe meals” that I can always get “outside”: a meal-salad, no cheese or croutons, oil-and-vinegar on the side; a burger or some sort of grilled meat or fish with steamed veggies, no seasoning or sauce on anything. Though at this point, I spent so much time in social isolation my first two years with D that I’ll usually get something more of a compromise, sodium-wise or fat-wise.

I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 18 years taking anywhere from 4 to 7 shots a day & I never been limited to what I can eat my doctor said I can eat anything from candy bars to as food as I like just as long as I cover what I eat with my insulin count the carbs & take insulin for it I will be fine the only things that makes me feel outta place and when its time to inject my friends would make fun of me saying I look like a junkie & saying I am shotting up dope but now in 2 months I am going on the pump so I guess I will fit in once again:-)