"Sometimes, I preted to be normal..."

"…but it get’s boring, and I return to being me."
I found that comment by Linda great, but I realized I Don’t live it.
I went out for breakfast with my colleuges from university I hadn’t seen for long and just didn’t take time to count my bolus carefully- just the known numbers, I wanted to pay attention to the people I’m with, and not to my diabetes… So I came ot with 256 mg/dl afterwards.
I didn’t want to be different… But am I that different? Taking about 5 Minutes, just for myself?
A brekfast is quite long, and there was enough time afterwards…
I think I should grant this little time to myself- even if I’m insecure.

By the way, I’ve just tried out glucosurfer.org and I can only recommend it!
If I take the time to use it immediatly, it reminds me of counting my bolus accurately!
So, tomorrow I’ll have a good time to practise. A friend from “highschool” (in germany we accually call it different^^)
is going to visit me, and I hope I’ll still take care… She would support me if I tell her what I’m doing, but that’s just what I have to learn…

Astrid, “normal” is GREAT! I’m so in favor of that, and so in favor of you taking care of yourself. Sometimes, (and don’t kill the messenger) I think we get wrapped up in numbers and meds, and more numbers, that we forget to live.
I mean LIVE. Living and being normal for a person with diabetes is a little different…well maybe a lot, but we still have to live a life. So if your plan works for you, and you get the results you want – GO FOR IT! I’ll support you too.
This is a part of our life, not our life. I love Patti LaBelle’s words about being a diabetic, not diabetes being her. Fits perfectly, I saw her on tv not long ago, and she seems happy, healthy and very much living her life.
Stay healthy, stay you, and enjoy the life you have.

I would love to be normal. I am a medic and I have to take the time to take care of me? I mean my job is about taking care of others and so it seems weird to me to have to check my sugar and bolus and what not. it is not something I can take a pill for and be okay. I have my partners on my ambulance who seem to care more about my diabetes then I do sometimes. now don’t get me wrong I take good care of it my A1C is 5.8 but just one day without the boluses or site changes or BG checks would be wonderful but I know that until that cure gets here I have to keep at it. so for now I will be normal with diabetes. so don’t worry we all feel that way!


You gave me chuckel again!! Every pretends to something they are not. Instead of normal I just know you are extra special - sounds much more exciting than just normal.

Thanks a lot!
I must say, the more openly I live my diabetes, the more normal I feel! : )
It’s just the little choices we take everyday, wether to take care of ourselves or not.
And well, the pump really makes life easier. Playing around with a thing that looks like an mp3-player at table feels much more comfortable that having an injection…
Sometimes, little things really count a lot.