Sometimes it soars

In the past I’ve struggled with my belief that there will ever be a cure for Type 1 diabetes. I finally decided that I would hope for a cure but not really expect one.

Today I opened my email and found
this. It’s an update to the Denise Faustman trials. They are moving forward ahead of schedule. She has cured mice. And, I’m hoping she can cure my son.

Most of the time my hope is very grounded, but sometimes it soars.

Thanks for posting this Penny… because of your posting, I contacted their lab and asked if we could participate in any trials. Unfortunately they were currently only accepting kids 8 and older sigh, but perhaps by the time Julia & Riley are 8 they will have figured out a cure!
Ever So Cautiously Optimistic,

Hi Penny,

I thank you for sharing you mail on the Faustman trials. Im so happy to hear about recent positive strives to a cure. ( Im crying) I also long for the day type diabetes is cured. I look forward to learing more. ( Iam new to the site) Thanks Again, Denise

Thanks for posting this update. I was wondering where they were with their progress.
I guess in two years, when they start human trials, I will have something to think about. :slight_smile: