Sometimes, there's too much info!

I've been reading through the pump guides the MiniMed people gave me and I did my online pump "school" as well as my pump CD rom. Tonight I realized that it really is possible to have too much information. So, I just played with my pump for a bit. Exploring the different options on it and all that. Just by doing that, I felt more comfortable. It actually doesn't seem too difficult now.

However... I thought I'd also experiment with wearing the pump - this I can see as a possible future problem. It seems I just can't seem to hide the pump anywhere. On my pants doesn't work because then my shirt hangs over it and there is this big bump. I can put it in my bra, but even when it's tucked in the middle, you can still see it a bit. Ladies.... if there's any advice you could give, I'd really appreciate it. I would rather it not be visible, if possible.

Anyways, official training begins on Tuesday. So, I'll probably be writing more then.

Hi (again) Tracy,

I don’t think I can tell you personally how to handle placement of the pump (I haven’t been a lady since, well… forever), but I can give you some links that might help:

First, this is a funny page I came across about a lady who was trying to hide her pump: LOL Diabetes

Here’s a site that sells Pump supplies that is an alternative to the Minimed products: PumpWearInc

I use the Thigh/Leg Pouch from Minimed when I wear shorts out, and (during winter) I run the tubing down my jeans leg and put the pump in my sock… be warned, you do need a good brand of socks with plenty of elastic left in them for the pump not to fall out.

Well, that’s my 2¢. Good luck Tracy.