Somewhat the way I eat

Received a request to reveal what I eat. Just passing this on. Maybe drasticly different from your way . My HGA1C is 5.9

Peter, thank you for the inquiry. I lead the simple life when it comes to eating. In the many years that I have had to deal with my daily troubles with diabetes I decided that there are only some things to keep in mind. BTW let me know your readings. Also your HGA1C.
The basics I use are; 5pm… Use small portions to eat, easy on the potatoes, meat, vegetables. I eat two slices of brown bread in the Am one with some cheese and one with peanut butter and jam. Another two slices of brown bread for lunch using some ham or cheese, the other one maybe with our home made jam and peanut butter. No particular diet and no carb counting, not because I don’t think it is a good idea but don’t forget I’m on this way of eating for 50 years, long before carb counting. Yogurt after lunch for desert. Preserved fruits from our own garden after dinner. Jo is a fine jam maker using very little sugar. I test for glucose up to 8 times daily and keep a record of the results. I test before eating only and compare to what I did before with a similar result, noticing if the amount of insulin taken was sufficient. Don’t know much about diabetes drugs to take. Therefore my record keeping is what I rely upon. There is more variance of course but that requires too much info. Hope this may be of some help to you.

May post this also.