Son Woke gasping for breath and right side of face looked paralysed?

Right after going to bed last night (about 10-15 minutes) Westin (10) woke (he was sleeping on the floor right next to my bed) gasping for breath anf the right side of his face looked paralysed. I immediately thought hypo so I ran for glucagon. When I came back with the shot he freaked when he saw the needle. At that point I gave it to him anyway. Then I immediately checked his sugar—161. He had his cgms on and it showed 151 and heading softly down, not crashing. He remembers most of it. My dad thinks it sounds like sleep apnea? I called endo last night. He was no help. Pediatrician calmed me down and just told me to follow up with dr on Monday. Anyone have an experience like that? It is hard to not consider D, but it just doesn’t seem D related.

It could have been bells palsy with one side of his face paralyzed.


You are right in getting medical attention. This happened to me a few months ago. My husband and I were scared. We both thought I had a stroke. It was terrifying. He tested me and I had a severe low. I remember that so thoroughly (I don’t remember everything from my lows) that I am trying to persuade my doctors to arrange an MRI because strokes run in my family.

Be persistent in finding an answer from your son’s physicians. It may take the doctors some time and they may dismiss you, but you have the right to know what caused this reaction.

The thing is he wasn’t low and his (what seemed like) paralysis was gone in seconds.

Barbara, since yours happened with a low, have you heard of Todd’s Paralysis? It is paralysis that accompanies a hypo.

Sorry Michelle sometimes I just get to typing and forget to go over what I post.

No I haven’t heard of Todd’s Paralysis. Do you have a link for it or more information?

As for your son, there has to be some explanation. It’s unfortunate that we all have to do our own research. It’s really hard to find medical professionals that will try and find an answer when we have an issue.

Let me know what you come up with for this incident with your son. Have you tried researching this on the internet?

Oh, I have researched all weekend! :slight_smile: We see the dr Wed morning if not sooner.

Todd’s Paralysis…s/d_03_1b3.htm

I just tried to send you to the same site. Good for you for finding it!

Update: Westin’s peditrician looked him over and everything looked good. Our pump trainer thought it could be possible the he was coming down so fast that his body reacted like a hypo. I don’t know but I am content waiting to see if it happens again. So far he has been fine and we are all sleeping better, not with one eye open :slight_smile:

An Update: Well Sunday at about 1:30am (right after Westin went to bed - him and dh were up late) he did it again but it was a big one! The seizure (don’t know the lingo but it was a full out seizure, straight arms/legs, shaking) lasted probably close to 5 minutes. It took him a while to regain all of his functions like speach and ability to move his limbs. His blood sugar literally 2 minutes before it happend was 150 somthing…so I knew it wasn’t a low and I didn’t go for the glucagon this time. I calmly (as I could) waited for it to end as dh was on the phone with 911. After he was checked over we took him into the ER. Long story short, his CT and labs all were normal so we were going to be discharged. Thank goodness the Dr was slow because he had a second one right after falling asleep in his bed in the room in the ER! (Boy it is nice when you can let a nurse handle it!) So that was our golden ticket to be admitted. We spend the rest of the day waiting for a EEG, which ended up confirming that it seems to be a seizure caused by some misfiring while transitioning into sleep. He was released that evening with an anti seizure med, Trileptal. We will return to the neurologist within 10 days. (We sure do like to collect our “ologist”!) The exact name of his diagnosis is Benign Childhood Epilepsy with Centrotemporal Spikes (BCECTS), also known as benign rolandic epilepsy.