Sooil insulin pump

Has anyone ever heard of the sooil insulin pump? I looked it up today after going on a comparing site for pumps and was surprised by what I read and seen. It looks and sound pretty neat. It has a meter/remote and it pretty functional. I have my animas and love it but for those out there still trying on notions. Here is one more to think about and to educate yourself about. They are cute too.

You can look it up at

I guess that I have not heard much about it. And it is one to consider for those still searching. The animas is a perfect pump for me. But that does not mean it is for everybody. So the search goes on for some and they like options and just letting them know. Curious about it myself I was doing some reading about it. It is cute and I like the colors and remote. As far as everyday functions they seem to have it covered. But can not compare because never personally used one.

now a pump that is a MP3 player and a TV, I am buying that.

rick phillips

I am at present trialling the Dana pump - not good so far! It’s basic but with some different good features from the other pumps.
We’ve only got as far as setting up and I can’t find how to set the Duration of Insulin Action - I am assured by the Rep that it is in there somewhere. I also found that you can only prime once every 12 hours… not good if you need to prime out air bubbles or change sore site. We stuck now waiting for 8am to re- attempt an infusion set change.

Can’t wait to try the remote tho…

Hi Cathy !

I tested Dana pump (this new one), before I selected my current pump, and I was not that satisified with it. It has remote control, but it takes a lot of action to actually activate connection, so it’s really not that usable, Bolus Helper/Wizard is not ok, because you can only one set rate with one decimal, and other aret with no decimal (for example I say that my BG changes for 1.54 mmol/l, when adding 1U of insulin, but I can either enter 1 or 2 (instead of 1.54) for this information. PC information (information send to your computer for review is sketchy, you don’t see TBRs, you don’t see stops/starts. Their software in itself is very bad, no way to archive old data, and you can merly see the data, you can’t add anything to it (comments, descriptions…). And all in all, Pump is very clumsy… Not so easy for use, like Accu-Chek or Minimed…

I am pretty sure the Sooil meter/remote thing is NOT available in the US. You can get a Sooil pump here, but it’s the MOST basic model. Pretty disappointing if you ask me.

This new pump is really new… It will probaby have to go through FDA testing in USA. It came out in April 2009…


That’s one BIG reason I didn’t opt to try Animas when they were new… because they were just “too” new at the time (2001) but I did give them more consideration when I was pump shopping last summer and I am quite happy with my Ping, and I haven’t second guessed my pump choice for a minute… MM hadn’t really changed much at all from what I had last (a 512, if you discount that they added CGM to the 522, it’s still basically the SAME pump with almost identical software), and it certainly seemed to have enough shortcomings for me (i don’t know why, but I went through 18 or 19 paradigm pumps… all failed for various reasons) that I didn’t prefer to get a pump that was basically the same… with likely the same issues, when there was a pump that looked like a better match for me.

I think it’s good that there is competition, honestly… it pushes all of the companies to develop better technology to serve all of us. I don’t consider myself brand loyal… I will simply choose the pump that I feel offers the best features for me at the time. For me, reliability is definitely a factor, but I don’t think one necessarily has to go with the market leader to achieve that (my own personal experience wouldn’t label MM as “reliable” - but as with anything, YMMV, there are plenty of people who share my experience, as well as others who have never had any trouble with their MM pumps). There was a time when Minimed was new too, and people had to take a “chance” on them.

Good or bad they need a new name for it and a better Marketing Team. Sooil to me reads like Soil (as in dirt).

Maybe so… but something still tells me we’re unlikely to see it here in the US… there are currently TWO new pumps that are FDA approved that aren’t available to buy.

True enough, though the “Dana Diabecare” product name isn’t exactly much more appealing :slight_smile:

And I’ll buy the second one Rick!!

Lol, they could call it Danamight instead :slight_smile: