Sooooooo any...... big news?... breakthroughs?

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything big coming our way? Got to be something??? Treatments?.. meds?.. blah blah??

I need a pick me up lol… don’t we all.

umm, skittles came out with small packs for Easter, perfect for lows…thats all I got

Although easter skittles sound more readily available…here’s something to capture your interest. At stage II clinical trials in New Zealand and Russia.

lets see, you can eat three Lindts Truffles for one carb serving. And the holiday ones are in packs of 3 to avoid the mulitiple 3 gorging.

If I find any others I will post them. Most are in early stages. 28 years ago when I was first diagnosed with it I thought there would be a cure by now, but I am not holding my breath since treatment makes more money then cures!

Another maybe

This one was publish recently, maybe it will lead to something!

To me the two things to watch are the artificial pancreas (closed loop system) and Smart Insulin. Sorry, no links.

I have heard about the closed loop systems and the smart insulin. That looks promising. So the future does like bright!

Haven’t you heard that the latest breakthrough is only five years away? My hope is on Smart Insulin, Dr. Faustman’s research & LCT’s Diabecell. Cerco Medical’s research is promising Scott King, the force behind it, is a T1.

I have little faith in the success of the AP & wish its untold millions were spent elsewhere. Even if it comes to market, not something most could afford.