Hey guys I just wanted to stop by and say I’m SO SORRY for my outrage the otherday and you guys having to read that post on here but I had to let it out someway and guess I did! Thank you guys for your support it was greatly appreicated and needed at that time! Sorry about what I called my dad’s mom but I had even a worse word in my head at the time! HA! Atleast I didn’t say that! HA! When I get flustrated like I was that day I’ll say anything just be thankful you guys werent my family at that time! I’ve had to apoligize to them too! Have a great day and just know I’m back to drive you folks crazy again! I mean someone has to be here with me it’s no fun being crazy alone! HA!!!

No appology is necessary. Sometimes people can make you so mad. You can’t keep thing bottled up inside for long. I bet it felt good to just " let it all hang out" didn’t it? I used to let things eat away at me inside for just too long . It has to come out sometime. Venting your frustrations is sometimes the best thing that you can do for yourself. We all go a little “nuts” at times . That is just a part of life. Have a great day!

I agree no apology necessary. Everyone has to burn off steam sooner or later. Better now than it be later and somehow affect your health. Me a crazy too!!! LOL

Thank you guys so much! Yes sometimes enough is enough and I blow up like the other day! HA! OK i guess is part of being human but my family always blame little fits like that on my diabetes and I let them do that even though I know what I’m feeling at the time…and usually I’m P@@@@ at heck at the time they do that and I get them back by telling them they have no idea what’s going on or how I feel at the time! HA!

Hey Doris apology accepted but your apology wasn’t necessary.That’s what we’re all here for.Glad to see you are yourself again.

Yes I’m back just very ill with him and his wifey! I reread my post and saw where I call that thing his mother and I would NEVER get off like that on his mother she was my grandmother and she passed when I was 6 months old so I never got to know her! I just wanted to say thank you for letting me vent a little and clear that up about mom and wife thing!

Yes James it did feel good to “let it all hang out”! I really feel bad that you guys got my anger threw it though. To me I just felt like you guys have your own familly problems and I shouldn’t have had you guys have to listen to mine! IT JUST TICKS ME OFF AT HIM AND HER!!! I learned a hard lesson with that one! NEVER TRUST ANYBODY THEY ONLY DO SOMETHING FOR YOU IF IT MAKES THEM LOOK GOOD! Or atleast that’s the way my dad and his wife are!

Unicornzzz Great to know that I’m not crazy on my own! HA! How’s it in your little peace of the assylum? Mine is getting alot better now! I think they may come by and give me some haldal (kidding really kidding) here in a little while! HA!


I knew I could rely on you! Your the greatest!

How many normal people do you know from the south do you know that go camping in 30 degree weather? We start putting on our winter clothes if it gets below 65 degrees.

The men in the little white coats keep trying to find me but I am never still long enough for them to find me. Someday we can swap stories and see which one of us they will take to the rubber room first.

Ha! That’s way funny but I resurve the room first! HA! Those guys in the white coats have been chasing me around for many many years and I play like I’m the daughter if they call first! HA! You’ve also got a good point about those folks that camp in 30 degree weather and I’m with you on putting that coat on when it’s in the 60’s for me it can be in the upper 60’s and me do that! HA! How about those folks that go ice fishing! Please SOMEONE explain why you sit on ice with a little hole in it and breathing ice to where your breath comes out in a cloud all day to catch a stupid fish!!! Down here you wait til spring. HA!

Ok you have me curious. How far south do you live?

In TN! Really not all the way down South but Southern enough!!!

I got you beat. I am farther south than you. I am a Georgia Peach!

How far down in Georgia are you?

its ok doris, everyone feels like that sometime and just needs to vent to someone or something, totally understandable.

manny should have a forum subtopic where people can rant their heads off, might be theraputic to a lot of people.

Hey Sarah,
Good Idea! Thank Manny might be following this thread? If not It might be worth letting him know how we feel anout dumd asses family members and so called friends! That tell our family members that our constant BS jumping up and down from there stupid remarks are just like a “soap oprea” To me I think these ppl with such great advice start them!!!