Sos: what does the acronim mdi stand for?

i am pretty new to this blogging stuff. not terribly computer oriented.
very confused about all the acronims used. What does MDI stand for?

MDI = Multiple Daily Injections.
I found this post of acronyms useful when I first started here. Hope it help ya.

thanks so much. since i have been on the pump for so long, most of these acronyms are entirely new territory for me.

i use to tk upwards of ten injections per day, and was on 3 different types of insulin at once. (insulins that arent even around anymore!

MDI - multiple daily injections - refers to a regimen of intensive diabetes management that consists of basal (long acting or "background" insulin) and bolus(fast acting insulin taken before meals). This mimics what the non-diabetic pancreas does on its own: a small amount of background insulin throughout the day and then a burst of insulin to "cover" the food ingested. MDI also includes corrections of extra insulin taken to bring down high blood sugar.

Some insulin dependent diabetics are on MDI and some are on a pump.

So many of these terms are strange. We have this whole language in the diabetes community. The differences in insulin regimes may seem to outsiders like all the same, but to us they are very different.

Here is my view of basic insulin regimes

Conventional insulin therapy - Uses a mixture of long (intermediate) and rapid 2-3 times a day, you eat fixed meals at fixed times. I hate this term "conventional," it should really be called "obsolete."

Intensive Insulin Therapy - As Zoe notes, it is a separate basal (long) to offset fasting blood sugars and then a separate rapid to cover meals and corrections. Sometimes it is called "flexible" therapy. You can do this therapy with direct injections (MDI) with pens or syringes or with a pump. The concept was invented by Bernstein in 1972 and MDI was the regime used in the DCCT trial to finally prove that tight blood sugar control reduced complications.

thank you Brian. this is entirely new to me. i appreciate the help. i too find that CIT should be conssidered obsolete. i was doing that 25 yrs ago when u had 2 mix insulins and all that maddening crap. D life has come a long way. i love my pump. i really should give it a name. it deserves one. LOL

How about "Squirt?"

Ahaha, LOL

I just wanted to pop in and remind everyone that for some CIT is the only option, and many diabetics do just fine with it.

Yes, while some of us may do well with a CIT based on 2-3 injections per day of insulin mix, I think for many it represents an "easy" solution which has poor outcomes. You may not be able to achieve good blood sugar control and you often have to eat precisely to match your insulin.

A sample of only option : Kids in ( Canadian ) schools , without help from teacher's aide or Nurse ( because there is no one to help inject ) and too young to give a shot themselves are using CIT ...and the parents are advocating HARD for a change !