Sotomayer's Lunch?

So, what do you think the Judge had for lunch? Do you think she tested and bolused before she ate? Did she do it in front of everybody or did she sneak off to the restroom? Wouldn’t it be a hoot ir she pulled out her meter and tested right in front of the Congressional hearing committee (at 4pm with the rest of us)?

Questions we probably will never know the answer to, but boy am I curious!

Is it strange that I dreamed about her testing in the hearings all night last night? At one point, I stood up in a cameraman’s face and told them to stop scrutinizing everything she was eating for lunch. She was having a cheeseburger (and we were on a water ride at an amusement park - hey, who am I to dictate where she eats lunch in her off-time in my dream?)

I spend too much time on TuDiabetes…

Yes, you do. But you are not alone.