Speaking At A Type 1 Conference

I am going to be a speaker at the Friends For Life type 1 conference in July, in Orlando. Most of the 90 minutes will be devoted to questions and answers. I am collecting questions online from T1D's in several groups. Maybe you members here can suggest some topics/questions that will give me some good ideas for my presentation.

The conference was created in the year 2000 for T1 kids and their families. July is chosen since that seems to be the only month that all children are out of school.

Here is the current description of this year's conference. The actual schedule of day-to-day events is not yet included. The dates and much information is shown in this link. There were more than 3000 people attending in 2013. It is for T1D's of all ages, and their families. Some celebrities with T1 attend too.


Hey---Congratulations. I know you will do a bang up job and it's great to collect questions from all the folks that won't be able to get there. I look forward to your reports on the conference!.....Judith


Due to your lengthy experience with diabetes, I think any audience of diabetics would like to hear about some of the older treatment methods you used that have since gone by the wayside.

For example, when I first started on insulin, I was taking NPH, morning and night. If I didn't eat my lunch on time, I was guaranteed a hypo. People diagnosed in the last ten years have never heard about NPH and its wicked peak.

Perhaps you could raise the issue that many medical people did not expect diabetics to live very long and didn't think that good control really mattered. It wasn't until the DCCT, in the '90's, that is was generally accepted that good control could add to longevity while keeping complications at bay.

Describing your early years as a diabetic could be very interesting to a crowd of young families.

Good luck with your talk!

Thanks Terry, and Judith, encouragement always helps! The question I am asked most often online is how have I managed to live so long without any serious complications. So I will definitely dwell on my past for a good part of the session.