Speed of Getting Supplies from MiniMed and Tandem

I currently have a Medtronic Minimed pump, and am thinking of switching soon to the Tandem T-slim. One question I haven’t seen answers to: how fast is Tandem compared to Minimed in providing routine supplies (catheters & reservoirs) compared to MM? It seems that anytime I call MM to get my supplies, it’s forever before they ship. Since there are T-slim users who previously used MM, I’d be interested in hearing a comparison… Thanks!

I suspect that your delivery’s are slow because your account needs some kind of approval before each shipment. My insurance card says no authorization needed so all of my shipments are usually
shipped on the next business day. Pump supply’s can be considered durable medical goods buy some insurance company’s and this could require pre approval for each expenditure…JMHO

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I was with Medtronic for about 24 years. I never had a problem getting supplies in a timely fashion and the last 5 or so I was on auto refill. They just showed up like clockwork every 3 months. I’m now with Tandem and have to use Edgepark for supplies. They seen me a reminder email that reminds me I need to call and reorder. Not as quick as Medtronic but haven’t had any problems. Just remember to order in advance. Tandem is also local for me so I can call and someone can drop a few off if I was having anyone of problem.

Only have Tandem experience on which to draw, but I found Tandem’s customer service to be outstanding. I’m not entirely sure how to answer the question about how fast they were, but Tandem checked in with me well before my supplies ran low, and rapidly shipped supplies I needed to me. I can recommend them without any hesitation.

Caveats: I’m currently on a pump holiday, which has nothing to do with Tandem. And I own a small amount of Tandem stock, whose performance has been quite mediocre. I bought that stock as a consequence of finding the product and customer service outstanding, but without much broader market analysis.

I don’t have trouble getting supplies quickly from MM. Only being doing that since 1997 and with several different insurance plans. Someone at MM doesn’t like you? :slight_smile: j/k