Spending Money I Don't Have and Research for this Week

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Christ this is going to be an expensive 2 days. My car needs new tires and it has for a quite a while. The final straw was when I was driving to my clinical trial I hydroplaned a half dozen times each day. I did a bunch of research and I ended up going with the Cooper CS-4 Touring. They are expensive as hell but there is a $50 rebate and with the DEFEND-2 clincial trial each time I wore a CGM sensor for a week and complied with the protocol I received a $100 Visa debit card. I have 3 of those and Verizon $100 card so I should get the tires for less than $100. I also needed a full alignment, which I always do with new tires regardless because I don’t want to f-up new tires. Thankfully the small town local garage I go to was willing to order in the tires I want and I was able to keep the money in a local business rather than go to a big box store like Sears or Walmart.

The other big expense will be the minivan. The brakes went out this weekend on our way up to help my wife’s family evacuate from the flood. We were leaving town for the 3 hour drive up to…

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