Spibelt Question

So I was looking at the spibelts and was wondering is there a difference between the diabetic one and the regular ones? They both look the same.

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sorry I don't have one, hope you find your answer.

I would check out the spibelt website, but I believe the difference is the diabetic one has a hole for the tubing to go through where the non-diabetic one does not. The diabetic one is more money and I didn't know the difference either so I got the regular one which works fine for me.

I use the regular Spibelt...the only difference is the diabetic models have a small gap at one end of the zipper. It's really not a problem the zipper will not damage the tubing.

thanks for the replies...I think I like the regular ones better..more colors and all :) But yeah I looked at it closer and I noticed the diabetic one has a little hole for the tubing the regular ones don't.

The pump spibelt is slightly bigger than the regular one. Both kinds fit my MM522, but I don't really know whether the larger 722, etc., would fit the regular as well. I like the pretty colors on the regulars!

I have the bigger mm pump so I guess I better get the diabetic one I just wish they had different colors