Spider bite

I have a question, hopefully someone can help me. I got a bug bite two days ago during the night. I believe it was a spider, but it has gotten worse today very red, hot and swollen with a little puss coming out when I popped it. I am on antibiotics that I have from a few months ago and have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Do people with diabetes get like this when they get bug bites? Does our immune system not take care of them right away anymore? This is my first time dealing with this since I was diagnosed in May. I just need someone who has had the same issue or know about this to let me know. I have been very worried because I know that infections are bad for diabetics, I have seen it for my self at work. Just don't know about bug bites on legs.

As long as it was not a brown recluse or maybe a black widow, you will be okay.

Well I don't know what type it was. I don't think a black widow.

You'd know by now--you'd probably be dead.

Personally, I'm allergic to spider bites and mine often react the way you're describing. It also hurts terribly.

Honestly, I don't know that the antibiotics are going to help, because pus doesn't always mean infection. And why would you have antibiotics left over? Do you not finish everything in the bottle?

Hi Cmcardenas,

Here is a link on spider bites from the Mayo Clinic… it says even most black widow and brown recluse bites aren't fatal and you would have had severe symptoms right away. It does say if the bite becomes infected it needs an antibiotic- I think that goes for any spider bites or insect bites. A friend of mine was bitten by something and she ended up in the hospital for a few days on iv antibiotics, it was so swollen you wouldn't believe it. They thought it was a spider bite. I think that can happen to anyone. I was once bitten by a flying insect on my finger at a concert- it was very painful and the pain started radiating to my arm… I was thinking I might need to go to the er, but in the end it got better on its own. I hope your doc can figure this out. Good luck :)


Mmmm. I'm in Oregon. Only a couple spiders that can do damage, but they are nasty. About 7 years ago, I got a bite in the yard that I didn't notice at first. As a gardener,I get many little spider bites every year---localized swelling, a bite not much bigger than a flea bite, itching that lasts longer than a mosquito bite, etc.

This particular bite on my heel killed some nerves and gave me permanent nastiness much like neuropathy, except I still feel that damn filament thingey at the doc's office just fine! So nobody believes me that this started with a spider.

It went this way: 1 week of steady, intense headache that felt like "Airplane Headache" so I just kept drinking quarts of water. Then Boom---total systemic reaction---severe vomiting, loss of control of private bodily functions, 104 degree fever, heart palpitations, severe chills. And finally noticed left heel was very swollen with white center-point (the nerve damage)....I think the many quarts of water I drank helped flush the poison out or it might have been worse.

On the upside, as I said, Localized redness and swelling probably aren't a big deal---visiting family in Santa Cruz, I once had a bite in my sleep that swelled up palm of hand and stayed with that only for a couple hours and then was fine. Treat such a localized Ickey PooPoo with any old anti-itch-anti-swelling localized potion that might help.

Do some research on the spiders in your region. Keep an eye on it and be calm. Mostly--if we don't bother them, they won't bother us! The problem, of course, is that we don't always know when we are bothering Them!.....Blessings...

A few years ago I reacted badly to what I think was a spider bite. No one ever mentioned my diabetes. The mystery spider bit me on the hand and the venom was trapped in there. It started off with a sharp pain when I was bitten then a minor bump with pain and itching, much like a bee sting. The next morning my whole arm was swollen and burning. I ended up in the emergency room on IV antibiotics. Then oral antibiotics. Swelling wouldn't completely go away so about a week later I was put on prednisone. Eventually it got better.

Get in to see your dr. Realize that different antibiotics are used for different problems so even if you need one the one you are taking may not be the right one. You should finish your antibiotics when they are prescribed.

I think bad reactions to bites are an individual thing whether you have diabetes or not. Some people are allergic to bees. Yes, infections can be slow to heal in a diabetic which can lead to more problems. It doesn't matter how you got the infection so pay attention to any skin break.

Hey I'm allergic to spider bites too! People think I'm nuts when I say it because they think I'm just scared of spiders..

No I had some left over because I was told to take 7 days worth but he gave me enough for 14 days...extra as a "just in case" I know antibiotics are supposed to be finished but I didn't have to with these. I work with a doctor so I know the rx has to be finished =)

I would think probably not related to diabetes. It’s easy for us all to assume that every symptom we have somehow relates to diabetes, but in reality we are still human beings with the same spread of health issues as any other person, in addition to the added spectrum of diabetic considerations