Spider Veins - WTF?

I’m just wondering if spider veins are a complication of diabetes. I’m 31 and I’m starting to have them on my legs. What gives?

I started getting them in my 20s in areas I had bumped (also around the ankles from the bands in exercise classes). I was not diagnosed with Type 1 until age 49. I had plenty of spider veins by then, but not diabetes related in my case. I haven’t noticed any new ones in the 3 years since my diagnosis.

I’ve got them too. (I’m 28.) They have gotten worse during pregnancy. I’m not sure if they are related to diabetes or not though.

giiirrrl, I think this is age-related, and genetic. Several of my friends have them and are not diabetic. I don’t (although I have enough other issues to make me not want to wear shorts) and I am diabetic.

One of my friends got them lasered or something like that when she was done having kids. Worked well, but I don’t think came cheap.