Spike app question

I am an old type 2 cyclist who is on MDI. I hope to get a Dexcom G6 soon. I was wondering if the Spike app that can send data to a Garmin Edge computer is a data hog. I don’t have unlimited data on my phone. I’m not sure that I know exactly how Spike communicates.
Having it on my Garmin would be great because I have too much technology on my bike as it is, Camera/light front and back, PowerPod and Garmin Edge 1030. I suppose I could put the Dexcom receiver somewhere. I read where one woman cyclist puts hers in her bra, not an option for me. LOL

I think it uses Bluetooth anyway so it likely won’t effect your data plan. If it does,the you can set it to upload the data only when you are in a WiFi hotspot

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I have to agree, Timothy, after looking at this image, I think I was thinking about Nightscout which uses the cloud.

The persons glucose is 1023, he needs to be in the hospital.


What about a second watch that can get reading direct from dexcom transmitter?

There is one called bluejay. (Android).

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Good catch