Spoon trick to reduce bruises

In the the last video from our famous 1HappyDiabetic he had a blood gusher while removing his pump set.

Being on MDI I have experienced gushers or heavy bleedings too. While watching this I remembered that I have developed a trick to get this situation under control. I take a cold tablespoon and press it for a period of time on the bleeding spot. In most cases the pressure stops the bleeding and the bruise that will inescapably follow will be much smaller. You will see some unhappy faces while doing this in public and you should not put the spoon back on the table of course.

What is your trick to reduce bruises?

Heh, soup with added proteins!!

MDI means multiple daily injections, as in pens and syringes? To curtail bleeding after a finger stick and reduce bruises after an injection, applying direct finger pressure seems to do the trick for me. My primary physician suggested the tactic when the last blood draw left a bruise on my arm that was still visible after one week.

Speaking of needles and sticks… Anyone ever experience a “burning” sensation while injecting? I have felt it with both NovoLog and Lantus, at different sites. Most of the time it’s a mild sensation, but once or twice with the Lantus I pulled the needle a bit sooner than I should have because it felt like I was injecting a flamethrower.

LOL, right on the spot with the MDI term and your fingers. I try not to get bloody fingers because I want to keep my clothes clean and often you need your fingers to stuff them back into your trouser. Especially in business situations the spoon is a better and faster solution than having blood soaking through your shirt while running to the restroom.

The burning sensation is typical for lantus. This insulin has a different ph-value than your skin and this will cause the pain. There is nothing that can be done about it. Sometimes you will get the burning sensation from NovoLog too. Very likely when you hit a nerve or blood vessel. With the right technique I can determine if I will hit a nerve. I just set the needle smoothly on the skin and the feedback often tells me if it is safe to proceed.

Thanks for the pH explanation, Holger!

Indeed, can’t say how many times touching the needle to the skin surface results in a BACK OFF message! If I proceed anyway, that’s when the bruising is worst.

Do you notice a difference in bleed rate whether using longer or shorter needles, or 31G versus 32G?

The brick will be quite handy, LOL

Holger, I like the cold spoon method. What I’ve done in the past with a gusher, is in the freezer I keep the small freezer packs that I put in my lunch bag. I will grab that (VERY COLD) and then press it up against the site. Like you say, it helps stop the bruising, and I guess sort of calms that vein down so it doesn’t get too ugly (which causes the bruising to look worse).

Now Dave, really a brick? LOL To pry one of those buggers off my house (held in by mortar) would be quite the task especially in the cold temps were having today 9F (-13C) . Good suggestion though if you have the energy and willpower while you are spurting out the red stuff.

Well, I do need to build up my muscles abit Dave, have to get ready for the sailing season soon, and I do have some cinder blocks. Don’t 4get to send me flowers when I’m the hospital due to putting my back out . Better yet, a bottle of JD.

I can not use the shorter needles. They will give me knots and that hurts badly. I have heard that the shorter needles will inject with greater force. It is related to the smaller diameter. I do not know If this will make bruises more likely.