Sporting several times/week possible with sensor?

Hi There!

Little stupid questions…

So a few months ago I started all over again. I needed to change , that was something I realised. So what did I do? I took a gym-coach and I’m going 5 times/week to the gym. I really adore it and to be honest i can’t imagine how i could live a year without sport!

Apart from all the good things I also have some problems with doing sport. But anyway I don’t wanna give up so i’m searching for sollutions.

The first problem is that I always get low even if I remove my pump!

Another question is if somebody sports with sensors and if it’s possible to do?

thanks for the answers!


You need to learn to manage and adjust your insulin well before you begin an activity - that’s the only way to avoid lows. If you find yourself going low no matter what, you need to either allow yourself some sort of carbs during your workout, or do something with less intensity.

I skate wearing my sensor all the time and it’s not a problem in terms of the sensor, however I usually do not bother with my receiver - the information it gives me is so far behind what is actually happening with my BG that it’s really not helpful unless I know I want to look at the trend later on to analyze how well I was able to manage. I definitely do not and could not rely on the system in “real time” - during any intense activity I stop and test every 15-20 minutes just to double check that my BG is stable.

You probably need a high sugar snack before your sporting exercise - even when you remove your pump there is still insulin swimming around your system, and that combined with hard exercise of any kind is likely to bring you crashing down. Or try reducing your basal for before you exercise AND have a high carb snack before the exercise. Part way through the excersise, stop and check again. And keep checking every half an hour or so. Even if this level seems normal at the end of exercise have another snack and keep checking because there might be a delayed reaction.

I exercise pretty regularly. Last year I did 2x 1/2 marathons and the tape came loose and the sensor pulled itself out bouncing the the first one which was sort of a drag as I had just gotten it and found it very helpful. The second race, I asked around and some friends recommended Flexfix Opsite tape ( that has worked GREAT for holding the sensors down through all sorts of running and biking and a little bit of martial arts.

Re the BG, I try to work out without a lot of insulin on board, leftover from prior boluses. A lot of times I’ll go running after work and then eat dinner or, on the weekends, I’ll wait around 3-4 hours, do errands or chores and then go for a longer run. I am not a big fan of going first thing in the morning but that can work too?

thnx for the posts!!