Sports Accomplishments ? while being diabetic?


Okay. I just know there will be more knockout achievements than this... but I'll play: 3rd Place 4-man team in the 2008 24 Hours of Adrenalin Spring Challenge race (24 hour mountain bike race) in Idyllwild, CA. That's me, second from left in the tie-dye:

I was a slacker for much of my life but started doing Tae Kwon Do arts in 2004 maybe, slowly at first. I realized I needed to do some cardio so I started walking regularly, in between dojang days and gained some strength and flexibility doing the. By 2007, I'd also started modifying my diet and losing weight and signed up for an "instructor program". There's lots of articles that will say that "those classes are rip offs" however the price at our school was about 1/2 the going rate compared to other places and I figured it would be the best way to start taking it more seriously so I ended up going 5-6 nights/ week, on top of my job until 2009, when I got my black belt. I'd finished the "instructor program" a bit before that but had to get the black belt to work. I missed one test (campaigning in 2008 election...) but it worked out great. Except they closed my office and I had to move. The winter of 2008, I'd started running on the treadmill, was able to run 4 miles in maybe 35 minutes right out of the gate, which I attribute to the classes and being in ok shape and 2 weeks later, the boss said "if you are testing, you need to run 3 miles in 24 minutes..." so I had to work to pick the pace up. I ran a 25:03 5K that spring which was good for 7/53 in my age group. Then they closed my office and we moved so I stopped the TKD, which was very sad at the time, and I switched to running. I did 2x 1/2 marathons the following spring and then the Chicago Marathon last year, w/ a couple of other 1/2s thrown in.

Re diabetes, I got a pump in April 2008, which helped my BG be *a lot* more stable during the final push towards the black belt, and then a CGM in 2010, right around the time of my first 1/2 marathon. W/ the pump, my A1Cs have been in the 5s, currently 5.3 and SD usually in the 20s, which I figure is decent enough. I was born in 1967 so a lot of this is pretty late in life. I certainly wish now that I had gotten started when I was younger as I'd be in a lot better shape now! LOL...

my accomplishments are , 5 minute mile, and a 2:04 half mile which made me 2nd best sophomore in state in the half miles. 46 goals in 2 years in highschool. All State - sectional player 1st team my junior and senior year. With All conference first team 2years also and All Metro area 1st team for 2 years. Got recruited on Olympic Development Team for soccer. Went to england and play against Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers youth academy and didnt lose a game.

also had 8 goals my freshman year in college